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Should You Wear Perfume At The Gym?

Whenever you ask around, you realize just the taboo topic of wearing perfume at the gym is true. Some women find it off-putting while others can’t even leave the house without applying fragrance.

Gyms are usually crowded and smelling all types of perfumes might not be too pleasant. But women who love perfumes might still be able to wear their scents even while workout out.  3 tips make this easier than expected.

Choose the best perfume

Even if you apply one spray to your skin, it might be too much to those around you. But just as there are perfumes for summer or winter, there are plenty of gym-appropriate scents to consider as well. The best gym fragrances for women need to be lightweight.

Some of the most pleasant notes for gym perfumes evoke cleanliness and freshness. Sea water, lemon or watermelon notes are just some of the freshest accords used in these perfumes. To avoid offending other gym-goers, women can rely on such lightweight notes as opposed to rich floral accords or other aromatic scents.

Consider those around you

Even with lightweight perfumes, it’s recommended to apply scents sparingly on the skin. Finding one or two spots on the body where to apply the perfume is all that’s needed at the gym. One spray to the neck and one to the wrist are sufficient to offer that fresh skin scent with the fresh out-of-the-shower feel.

Consider your type of workout

However, you might not get away with your perfume at the gym depending on your workout. If you’re the type of woman lifting weights, you might have an easier time here.

But wearing perfume at spin class, TRX classes or Kangoo jumps classes might be harder to pull-off. High-intensity workouts raise core temperature and sweat is just around the corner. Nearly all perfumes are not a good mix with sweaty skin.

Apply perfume in the morning

Women training in the evening after work have a considerable advantage. They can apply perfume in the morning, just before heading to work. By the time they reach the gym in the evening, perfumes lose most of their projection power and they’re barely there as a skin scent. This approach might be safer in crowded gyms where strong perfumes risk offending other people.

Final considerations

You need to use common sense when wearing perfume at the gym. Wearing too much perfume is considered bad etiquette in general. This is even more applicable in gym environments. But apart from cardiovascular workouts, lightweight gym perfumes for women are the best solution when applied frugally.

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