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Essential Oils to Promote a Positive, Happy State of Mind

You’ve probably caught wind of the essential oil craze that’s surfaced in the past few years, and you might be wondering what in the world it’s all about. Though companies like Young Living and doTERRA have gained major traction in the essential oils business within the past five years, practicing well living with oils has been around for far longer than the business of it.

In fact, history shows that humans have been using oils as a natural remedy for the body for thousands of years. Physical benefits are plentiful, but let’s not forget the mental benefits as well: essential oils promote a positive, happy state of mind. Here are our favorite essential oils for a healthy state of mind and why they work so well.


You may recognize the Lavender scent, as its lightly floral scent has been utilized for everything from candles to shampoos to perfumes. Why? The scent of lavender is well known for its calming effects, which makes it perfect for those struggling with anxiety, nervous tension, and emotional stress. Studies have shown that people who used lavender essential oils showed a significant decrease in mental stress and anxiety, as well as increased cognitive function. No wonder lavender is well known for promoting a positive, happy state of mind – it affects the mind directly!


There are a great many benefits of orange essential oils, and many of them greatly effect peace of mind. One of the largest benefits is that the orange scent acts as a sedative that helps the body relax by alleviating anxiety, anger, depression, and certain forms of inflammation. One more important benefit? Orange essential oil has an aphrodisiac property, and a healthy sex life only contributes to that positive state of mind.


Your mind is constantly on edge when you’re dealing with aches and pains. Peppermint is the perfect soothing scent for those types of ailments, but it also comes with a huge list of other benefits, as well. It’s great for your skin, helps with digestion, increases immunity, stimulates mental activity, increases circulation, improves dental health and promotes healthy hair growth. As you can see, there are internal and external benefits – both of which undoubtedly affect the state of mind.


Jasmine essential oil is well known as acting as an anti-depressant. The scent is both pleasing and uplifting, and is said to awaken emotional highs that one might experience from time to time, like romantic and poetic feelings. Jasmine’s scent accomplishes this by stimulating the release of serotonin in the body (the hormone that results in a boost of energy and uplifted mood).


The Frankincense essential oil is incredibly effective as a sedative, as it prompts a feeling of peace, relaxation, satisfaction and spirituality within the body. In addition to that calming inner peace, it also causes you to be more introspective, which helps as you work through things like anxiety, anger, and stress. A little frankincense oil applied in tandem with deep breathing will work wonders in terms of mental health.


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