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Ingredients to Avoid in Your Beauty Products

The United States is far behind the times when it comes to skincare and beauty products. While many brands are making the switch to natural, organic ingredients because they feel passionate about health, there are still far too many mainstream brands that use ingredients that are not good for you. The laws that govern our beauty products are very loose, so you’d be surprised by what you can find in your products. Formaldehyde and Arsenic are just two ingredients that you may recognize that can still be in our products. While those are extreme examples, here are 5 other ingredients to look out for in your beauty routine.


Aluminum is one of the biggest offenders in the ingredients to avoid in your skincare, as it’s in almost every personal care product out there. It’s also regularly used as an antiperspirant in deodorant. While this is something that seems regularly common to be in our products, you should still avoid it at all costs, as aluminum powder can cause organ-system toxicity, can disrupt our hormone balance, and had been known to cause Alzheimer’s disease after building up in our bodies from years of usage.

Talcum Powder

Talcum powder is found in baby powder, body powder fragrances, face powder, and most other powder products. Talcum powder is a known carcinogen that researchers have linked to cancer. In fact, it’s so harmful that a baby powder lawsuit is common.  


Parabens are regularly found in shampoos, conditioners, moisturizers, and deodorants. These seemingly harmless, common chemicals are not always labeled, and they can contribute to hormone imbalances. These imbalances have been linked to breast cancer.

Mineral Oil

While mineral oils may not cause cancer or cause as many health problems as other items on our list, it is still not a good thing to put on your face. Despite being in many creams, lotions, and cosmetics, mineral oil is a by-product of petroleum that covers your skin in a heavy layer, clogging your pores. Because of this, it seems to defeat its own purpose by causing acne and other skin problems.


Triclosan is found in cosmetics, as it serves as an antibacterial agent. While an antibacterial agent seems like a good thing in your skincare products, this one can case disrupt thyroid function, which can cause many issues. It is also linked to cancer.

In the end, what we put on our face and body should matter to us just as much as what we are eating. Just as we watch what we eat, it’s important for our own health and safety to watch the ingredients in our beauty products. I hope this will open your eyes and make you a little more aware. When faced with the decision of picking out a new product, be sure to read the label. The more you recognize what’s going into your products, the better. If something sounds alarming or if there are too many chemicals, perhaps it’s time to switch to a more natural brand.

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