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Research Shows 51 Percent of US Chefs Added Vegan Menu Dishes in 2018

A new study reveals that 51 percent of chefs in the US added vegan items to their menus, showing that restaurants are more than ready to satisfy the demand for plant-based meals.

According to VegNews, food industry insight company Foodable Labs run a research that demonstrates 31 percent rise over last year. The study found that this increase comes from the influence of social media food bloggers.

The study also found that tagged and shared posts of plant-based dishes have increased by 79 percent in the last year with 49 percent of influencers asking for more vegan options at restaurants.

Another valuable finding from the research is that the move towards a more vegan menu represents a profitable decision for these establishments, resulting in a 13-percent increase in business this year alone. This doesn’t come as a surprise given that the last year saw a 300 percent increase in the number of people who identify as vegans in the United States.

New research shows that restaurants are increasingly adding vegan menu options in response to record consumer demand.

Vegan restaurant owners have also taken notice of the change when it comes to people’s perception of a plant-based dish in recent years.
“It’s no longer about interruptive marketing and manipulating someone’s purchasing choices; it’s really about communicating who we are, what we do, [and] what we believe in,” said Nicole Marquis, CEO of vegan restaurant HipCityVeg. “I think the driving force is definitely shared value.”

Veganism has proven to be more than a trend, there’s a genuine appetite for plant-based food and this has extended to delivery services. GrubHub, US leading takeaway delivery service revealed that vegan dishes saw a 17 percent rise in 2017.

Since an ever-growing number of people are more than willing to try more plant-based meals around the world, eateries and chefs are ready to create more vegan dishes.

As the vegan lifestyle gains popularity, it is expected that even more restaurants, food chains, and franchises will follow.

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