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Tipping Etiquette

When it comes to your vacation, tipping can be confusing- who do I tip, how much should I tip and do I have to tip? Here is the low down on standard tipping, so you can focus on more important things – like enjoying your vacation. Remember tipping not mandatory but it keep in mind your kind gesture goes a long ways to those serving you.
So before you head out remember to have small dollar bills available for tipping.


Arriving at or leaving from the airport or train station, the porter standard rate is $1-2 per bag; more if your luggage is very heavy.

Typically, a $1 tip for hailing a taxi is appropriate for doormen. However, you may want to tip more for special services, such as carrying your bags.


When you arrive at your hotel after a long flight, first things first: Do tip the taxi or limo driver. Ten to 15 percent of your total fare. If you take a shuttle van or bus, tip the driver $2 per person or if you drove yourself
give the valet parking attendant $2-5 or if there is self parking, park yourself and save on tipping and valet charges.

The friendly bellman assisting you with your bags, should receive $1 to $2 per bag. The concierge, who can get you anything from tough dinner reservations or theatre tickets, deserves $5 to $10.

Add 15 percent of the bill to a room service charge, unless a gratuity is already added, then no additional tip is necessary. If you requested something delivered to your room such as a hairdryer, iron, extra towels, tip $1 per item received. Daily maid deserves a $2 tip each day or more especially if your room is a mess or if you have multiple guests in the room unless. These days many hotels include this tip in the room rate.


If you’re taking a tour and a tip is not already included, $2-$5 for full-day tour.
Someone who travels with the group for several days and is essentially in charge – tour operators suggests anywhere from $3-10 per person per day. Don’t forget the bus driver, $2 per person per day. Those who are in the company of a private guide can tip more.


According to your comfort level and only on the last evening of your cruise. Here is the typical rule, dining room waiters receive $4 per person/per day, dining room assistant waiter should receive $2.00 per person/per day, the dining room maitre’d $3.00 per person/per day and the dining room manager $2.00 per person/per day.

The room stewards, bar waiters, bellboys and deck stewards are always ready to welcome a tip too.


First, pay attention to make sure the items on your bill is correct and also these days, some restaurants in Asia, Europe and even in the USA add a service charge and do not expect tips. A 20 percent tip given is for excellent service, 15 percent is for good service and self-service restaurants 10 percent – on the pre tax amount of the bill. With extra accommodating waiters you can add an extra $5.00. The bartenders themselves, generally receive between 15 and 20 percent when you sit at the bar. If the food or service is unsatisfactory, ask to speak to the manager – don’t walk out without tipping, it’s not appropriate. And lastly for coat checking and restroom attendants, $1.00 is sufficient.

You are always welcome to tip more when the service is excellent, and when you do, you are sure to see the red carpet treatment all the way. Enjoy your vacation, and don’t forget to tip.

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