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Planning An Intimate And Romantic Valentine’s Day

Busy careers and social lives can often leave couples struggling to spend quality time together, which might explain why Valentine’s Day is such a popular date night. In fact, one recent study found that 89% of American couples celebrate Valentine’s Day. And why not?! It’s the designated day to celebrate love and affection. Make the most of it with these intimate and romantic Valentine’s Day activities.

Go traditional with a dinner date

A dinner date is probably the most traditional form of date night, but for good reason! Fine dining shows a prospective (or current) partner that their pursuer is serious about romancing them, and the candle-lit atmosphere will help even the most long-term of couples fall in love with each other all over again. Valentine’s Day may be known for hearts, flowers, and Michelin-starred meals, but couples don’t have to go to the fanciest restaurant in town to impress. Firstly, you should bear in mind that restaurants reach booking capacity very quickly for Valentine’s Day, so it’s a good idea to plan ahead and make reservations well in advance. When organizing a dinner date, you should also consider your lover’s tastes in food and atmosphere, since choosing the right restaurant shows them how well you know them.

Relax and unwind with a Valentine’s Day massage

For busy couples who don’t often get to spend real quality time with each other, a romantic Valentines day massage can be the ideal solution to slow down, unwind, and enjoy an ultra-sensorial experience together – and what’s more intimate than that? Try booking a couple’s package at a spa and treat yourselves to a relaxing Swedish massage and other soothing treatments. A couples massage can be a unique bonding experience, especially if both of you haven’t had a massage before.

Learn something new

Valentine’s Day is a great time for couples to spend time alone together learning something new. Book a cookery lesson, pottery, or even an evening life drawing class. If there is something that the couple has always wanted to learn, doing it together on Valentine’s Day would make for a fun and individual Valentine’s Day date idea. One especially entertaining idea is to host a cocktail evening. Couples can hire a professional mixologist or order a cocktail kit to turn their home into a cocktail club for the night. Couple’s could even perfect their own ‘signature cocktail’ to make for guests in the future!

Organize a budget-friendly scavenger hunt

Couples on a budget can still enjoy an intimate Valentine’s Day with a romantic scavenger hunt. You can hide clues around your home or in other meaningful places, ultimately leading your loved one to the end prize. The end prize doesn’t have to be an expensive gift either, it could be a cozy, candle-lit movie night, a sentimental message, or personalized coupons for them to cash in over the coming weeks!

Valentine’s Day is an important day for couples, especially those who don’t get much romantic time in their day to day lives. Consider these ideas while planning an intimate and enjoyable date that both of you will enjoy. 

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