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Celebrate the Holidays with Gabriel John Candles

It’s hard to believe the holidays are already upon us; it’s time to celebrate with family and friends. This means opening your home to welcome guests and creating a magical environment for everyone to enjoy. This year, celebrate the holidays with Gabriel John Candles.

Gabriel John Candles are 100% hand crafted, soy candles that are blended in small batches in a studio rather than being manufactured in a large factory. Gabriel John candles uphold a true artisanal tradition; even their boxes are handcrafted in eco-friendly packaging and wrapped with a hand tied bow!

These candles are 100% pure soy and are not blended with other ingredients. Therefore, these candles are cleaner and will last longer than paraffin candles. Also, they will leave no toxins in the air. I’ve
been reading about how paraffin candles can be linked to cancer when burned, so I’d rather purchase an eco-friendly candle if given the option.


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Gabriel John’s Holiday Collection will instantly transform any room into an inviting place for family and loved ones. This collection includes Spiced Wassail, Mistletoe, Holly Berry and Christmas Morning. I love the scent of Mistletoe. It reminds me of
so many holidays from long ago. There is a hint of pine, berries and a top note of sweet, crisp apples. Each candle is 11oz. and will burn for approximately 60 hours.


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To order Gabriel John’s Holiday Collection and to see their other collections such as Country Living, NV and The Secret Garden Collection, visit their website.

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