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Pamela Anderson Says Plant-Based Diet Improved Her Sex Life

Model, actress, and activist Pamela Anderson claims that following a vegan lifestyle has improved her sex life. The star said that a plant-based diet has made her health better both in and out of the bedroom and described it as an “aphrodisiac.”

According to Metro UK, the 51-year-old now resides in Marseille with her soccer boyfriend, Adil Rami, and she opened her vegan-friendly restaurant back in July. Recently, she talked about the perks of being a vegan with The Sun and said, “Being vegan is an aphrodisiac diet. It’s a win-win. Meat makes you impotent and unhealthy.”

The “Barbwire” actress also opened up about the secret behind a long-lasting relationship, explaining that it’s more than just a physical connection. “You need someone to love both. The mind is the most erotic part of the body. Stimulate my mind and the body follows”. She went on to say,
“I really believe in committed relationships and finding love. Everybody’s a rock star now, so I think the cool thing is to be married or in a committed relationship. It’s the nouveau sexy thing to do .¨ to not follow the herd in accumulating notches on your belt.”

Pamela Anderson has been in a relationship with Sevilla FC player Adil, 32, since meeting at the Monaco Grand Prix back in May 2017. Thinking about the 19-year age gap between her and her partner, Pamela said that it’s something that the couple has discussed. “One day, I am going to fall apart, you know that? So be prepared. Let’s be in love for as long as we are in love and if there is ever one day, you look at me and go ugh, well, I can always go and live in another country.”

The couple is rumored to be engaged. Pamela was spotted with a £20,000 Cartier Panther ring as she cheered on her boyfriend during one of France’s World Cup games in July.

When it comes to her vegan advocacy, Anderson is just as passionate. The entrepreneurial superstar has regularly used her massive platform to spread more information about veganism and animal welfare. Among Pamela Anderson’s most recent moves is her mission to encourage prisons to serve vegan food, and she made headlines after sending Kim Kardashian a faux fur coat, in order to get the reality star to try a fabric free of animal cruelty.


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