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No Contact Move: How the Moving Industry is Dealing with the Pandemic

The Coronavirus pandemic has hit the world very hard leaving a range of sore points. Every industry is suffering from losses and finding ways to survive. The moving industry in America is no different. with more than half the world including America gone under lockdown restrictions, the movers are finding it tough to meet their ends. The cost of running the companies have gone high and there is no incoming cash flow. small businesses or the ones that just started have already wrapped up their business while the more established companies are finding ways to minimize cost and seek survival.

According to the best nationwide moving companies registered on Moving Feedback platform, the time is tough and one that has never been experienced before. even when the movement restrictions have been lifted, people are still scared to hire movers or plan a relocation anytime soon. Assurance must be provided to the customers which offer them peace of mind that they will be safe with professional movers as they move their house and offices to distant places. This is while No Contact Move service has come into existence as moving companies try new ways to win business amid the unprecedented times.

What is No Contact Move Service?

As social distancing is one of the best ways to avoid the infection, people are afraid of engaging moving professionals as the experts will come in contact with the family and other occupants of a property as they pack and move the stuff. to ensure social distancing is maintained all the times, moving companies are now providing No Contact Move service.  Also known as Contactless Move, this type of move is where the customer is in charge of the entire moving process minus transportation. This can be compared to a DIY move using moving containers or truck rental. However, in this type of move, the customer is offered regular instructions from the moving company as they pack and load their items. This service is becoming more and more popular as people have the assurance that they do not come in contact with the moving professionals.

How moving companies are making No Contact Move possible?

to survive the tough time, moving companies have come up with this amazing contactless moving service. there are several features that moving professionals are providing under the No Contact Move option, these features include:

·         Moving pods service:

First of all, moving companies are promoting Moving pods services instead of advertising full-fledged moving services. Previously, the emphasis of moving companies was on promoting full-fledged moving services as they are more profitable, but now, because of the higher safety quotient, moving companies offer PODS at a high priority.

With moving pods the customers are free to pack and load their stuff. The pods are delivered at the customer’s premises for a definite period as per the contract and the customer can load it as per its convenience. Once done, the moving company picks up the container and delivers it to the final destination again for a definite time for the customer to unload it. The customer does not have to be present to take the delivery or pick up the containers. The customer can even provide their lock and key as well.

·         Offering more flexibility:

Movers have to be flexible if they want to have a business in hand. In this unpredictable time, customers have limited or no control over the factors that influence the move. For example, a safe community might soon become a hotspot for the virus and the movement restrictions in the area can change significantly. this is when the customer will no longer be able to move on the date set with the moving company.

Being a professional moving service provider, you need to be flexible with the change in the moving date. Understandably, this flexibility may come with a cost but it is better to have something than nothing in terms of business.

·         Promoting safety:

Moving companies are emphasizing on safety and precautions more than ever. they are taking all the precautions to ensure that they do not promote cross-contamination at the client site. The professionals employed for the relocation are checked for temperature and other symptoms frequently. They are thoroughly sanitized and provided with all types of important personal protective equipment to make the move safe. from eye gears to gloves, face shield to shoe covers and frequent use of sanitizer, there are ample of safety precautions being taken by moving companies to make any move safe and protected.

No Contact Moving service has pumped a new life in the moving services during the time of Coronavirus. Progressive moving companies are promoting truck rental services and encouraging customers to adhere to the movement restrictions as well as other precautionary measures as recommended by the regulatory authorities from time to time.

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