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Why Letting Go Of The Past Is Crucial to Moving Forward

Letting go of the past is the first step toward building the future you deserve.

Letting go of the past can be quite a difficult process. It is crucial to let go of the past to be able to move forward in life. Sometimes past memories or feelings can block your ability to have an outstanding future. The key to moving forward is understanding what is causing this feeling of not being able to let go. Confront this unhealthy attachment to the past, and take the time to recognize what you need to let go. Then, come to the final process of moving past it.

Not being able to let go of the past can lead to missed opportunities for the present life. This is why letting go of the past will help create a better life inward, as well as outward. Learning from the past provides the ability to take this newfound outlook and apply it to future situations. Letting go of the past can provide relief, insight, clarity, and a calm path to the future.

Understanding Past Attachments

When letting go of the past becomes challenging, it is time to evaluate why there is an attachment to the past in the first place. Is there a memory, a feeling, or a tragic occurrence that is holding the past captive? Think about that feeling, and travel back to where this attachment began. Understand why that past attachment has so much power over your present life. Evaluate what is blocking your ability to break away from this past attachment. Take the time to dive deep into your understanding of the past so you can deal with it and focus on the present.

Confront Past Attachments

This may be the most painful way, but confronting that past attachment can take a burden off of you. Take a piece of paper, and write all of the feelings and memories that are attaching the past to the present. Remember, you don’t need to get rid of all your memories or feelings. But to be able to move forward, you need to let go of anything that is a negative weight.

Symbolically get rid of your attachments

One way to symbolically “toss out” your past attachments is by using a gallon jug of water. Take the list of past attachments you made and start filling the gallon jug with a cup of water for each item on the list. Take that jug and attach it to the present-here are a few ideas to get you started:

Use The “Past” Water For Water Balloons

Or Use The Water For A Water Gun Fight

Use The Jug Of Water For Camping Water

Involve Friends Or Family In Decorating The Jug

Take the time to involve whoever is supposed to mark the start of the future, and be present when the jug is being used. The jug now represents a new start to the future.

Moving Forward

The jug is always there as a reminder of how easy the past can attach itself and weigh down your life. When the jug is empty, it should symbolize a new start. The weight of past experiences should be gone, and will no longer be holding down your future potential. Remember, letting go of the past is a process, but it’s important to do that before the past becomes the only place where your mind lives. Be present for the future.



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