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Surviving Quarantine by Staying Healthy and Eating Right

So much has been said about being quarantined. Individuals and companies both have been sharing their tips on how to remain healthy, sane and safe during this difficult time. While physical health started out as the biggest concern during this pandemic, mental health, at this point, plays an equal role of concern after weeks in the global lockdown. After thousands of people have lost their loved ones and millions of people continue to lose their jobs, businesses, and money, it is more important now more than ever to eat right. It is also important to figure out a way to stay active- not only physically but mentally, as well, so we don’t fall into a deep depression.

Food always plays an incredible role in both our physical and mental state. As we find ourselves in the “hottest” weeks of numbers of infected people (and even deaths here in the US), I took a good look at the food I have at home to avoid going out to grocery stores, as I find them to be potentially extremely infectious. Going through my pantry, and also looking outside, I realized I can easily survive on some plain basics during the “hottest days” and even beyond. 

The power of nature

I personally believe that a plant-based diet is the healthiest and the lightest to digest. When food is easy on our digestive system, our body doesn’t need to use too much energy to process it like it does when it has to break down heavy meats. Dairy and eggs clog our bodies, which requires the body to use more energy to push the food through. The weaker the body, the weaker the mind. It is absolutely crucial for us to eat light and save our energy for the mental strength we need to accumulate these days.

Here’s what I came up with to stay healthy:

Quarantine Breakfast

I have a grapefruit tree and an orange tree. Making a fresh cup of orange/grapefruit juice for breakfast is way healthier than coffee, which I’m out of and would have to go to the store to get more of. Caffeine can also increase cortisol and epinephrine levels which cause stress. The sugar in the fruit gives me the energy I need to start my day, and the vitamins in the fresh fruit nourish my body. It’s a great replacement for my usual cup of coffee, and I also save on buying a creamer.

To intake some protein, I mix my favorite organic Strawberry-Basil protein by The Plant Era with filtered water, and I’m good to start my day off right. The reason why this pea protein powder is my favorite (besides the obvious amazing flavor of strawberries and basil) is that one serving contains 50% of my daily value of B12. Being a vegan, it makes my life easier. 

Quarantine Lunch

Another thing I found in my pantry besides the pea protein was 100% gluten-free plant-based breadless crumbs made from peas by Longeve. I realized that I can make my favorite breaded cauliflower, breaded vegan chicken and a ton of other yummy foods because all my vegan meats are frozen, and I’m stacked up on them. I can bake those instead of frying them to keep my system clean. If I fry foods, I only use a grapeseed oil which can handle higher temperatures without burning the food. In case I get to the point that I run out of the frozen vegan meats, I can use the plant-based protein crumbles which replace the “meat”. I can use those to make my meatless tacos and stuffed peppers, among other recipes.

Quarantine Dinner

My friends over at Plant Based News recently featured a fish-free Tuna by Good Catch. I went ahead and ordered that vegan version of tuna on Amazon to try it out. The tuna and avocado toast their site suggested in the recipes section was to die for. Next, I want to try to make their Tuna Melt with Pickled Jalapenos. 

You see, the good thing about plant-based eating is the fact that you can have stuff like “cheese” without getting your system clogged. Even the frozen plant-based foods that many sceptics say are not healthy are nowhere near as bad as animal-based frozen products. I’ve been eating plant-based (including frozen and soy products) for 25 years now, and I hardly ever get sick. It’s because plant-based means love; it means energy that’s in foods from the sun and oxygen which humans need to strive on. That’s why, for me, laying out in the sun and feeling the sun rays penetrating my body and nourishing its cells is also incredibly important in order to stay physically and mentally healthy. 

The Importance of the Sun

Now that Los Angeles is almost smog-free, I see the difference in the sun’s effect. Within minutes, I get a beautiful tan which I normally can’t achieve unless I’m frying myself out for at least 3 days since the usual smog blocks the rays from reaching my skin. That is a reason why half of the LA peeps are vitamin D3 deficient. Too much smog in any place makes people sick on many levels. 

The weather is starting to get nice in other countries, too, so wherever you are, take advantage of this quite time to rejuvenate, replenish your body and make time to meditate. Eating right and staying a little active while maintaining positive attitude will hold you up if you start to fall. 

Because as the saying goes, “It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it.”


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