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How to Naturally Increase Collagen Production

At times it seems like the entire skincare market is geared towards anti-aging. Understandably so, as aging is inevitable after all; yet we’re all constantly trying to do whatever it takes to slow it down as  much as possible! We can try our hardest to take care of our skin, but sometimes it seems like we need nothing short of a miracle to get rid of our crow’s feet. Whether through dermatological treatments or through our skincare products, collagen is the ingredient that manages to play the biggest role in preventing aging. Our body’s natural collagen production slows down as we age, so we inject or slather things on to try to encourage it to produce a little more. Let’s look at some natural ways to increase collagen, as this is by far the healthiest way to increase it.

Natural Ways to Increase Collagen Production

As mentioned above, when it comes to anti-aging, it really is all about the collagen. First, there’s the most straight forward method of injecting yourself to promote collagen production. Well, we’d rather the natural route. We’ve put together a number of ways that you can start naturally increasing your collagen production to help slow down the signs of aging. Think of it as tips and tricks to use to avoid getting that injection of Botox!

Inside Out

Change can often start from the inside out. With anti-aging measures, people rarely consider the simple additions they can commit to in order to avoid wrinkles. It’s all about skincare and treatments to them. Well, here are a few ways you can increase your collagen production from the inside out!

  • Supplements -It’s no secret that supplements are highly recommended by doctors. Pill boxes aren’t just for the ill; committing to a strict schedule of collagen-inducing supplements is a simple daily measure you can take. Hydrolyzed collagen supplements are the obvious choice, but taking Vitamin C or other antioxidant supplements can also increase collagen production.
  • Healthier Diet -We hear this all the time. Whatever skin issue you may be facing, we’re often told that cutting out dairy or meats can help us out. Well, dietary changes can also work miracles for collagen production. Making sure you’re doubling up on foods that are high in Vitamin C and Omega-3’s are another way you can help yourself from the inside out.

Outside In

With that being said, taking extra care of the exterior is also vital. If you’re really trying to prolong your youthful skin, then it’s about getting all the help you can get. Here are some skincare changes you can make to help your skin out!

  • Collagen Creams -This is definitely the most obvious step, and it is an effective one. There’s a wide range of organic and cruelty free anti-aging night creams and serums on the market that contain a high level of collagen. Applying these creams topically isn’t going to work miracles, but it definitely is effective if you stick to it!
  • Massage It In -Oh yeah, you read it right. Treat your skin to the same TLC you give your body! Massaging actually works wonders for your skin. When applying your nightly eye creams and night cream, take the time to really work the products in. Using massaging motions can help boost blood circulation and stimulate collagen production!


The last and possibly easiest step you can take is to just make a few lifestyle adjustments. Honestly, most of them have a ton of other benefits aside from collagen production, so there’s your motive!

  • Sleep More -Really, we’re grateful to have yet another excuse to sleep in a few more minutes. We’re constantly hearing the benefits of sleeping a healthy 8 hours nightly. Well, add collagen production to the list! While we sleep, our body restores itself, and cutting our sleep short stresses our skin out. Turns out, it’s called ‘beauty sleep’ for a reason!
  • Exercise More -We know, we know, there’s nothing worse than another reason we have to work out. It can be exhausting and time-consuming, sure, but working out regularly is another way to boost blood circulation and help stimulate collagen production!


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