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Nadja Atwal Is The Sexiest Power Woman Of All Time

When Nadja walks into a room, everyone notices her. Both men and women. She exudes confidence, mystery, power, sex appeal and you immediately want to know who she is. You can tell she is extremely bright and smart and when you talk to her, you find a very genuine and kind woman within her. Nadja is also very beautiful and classy. I've seen Nadja perform miracles over the years as she turned some ordinary women into extraordinary women.

Our magazine named you “The Sexiest Power Woman Of All Time.”
What are your thoughts?

Several…First: What an honor – because I adore the entire concept of your magazine.
Second: Wow –
my husband agrees. Third:
I wish I had more
power to make things better for more people.


Kindly blow your own horn, please and tell us what do you think makes you a sexy stand-out power woman.

The funny thing is
I’m generally not attracted to power even. The only reason I ended up in a position of leadership is that things have never moved fast enough for me, so I felt I had to do them myself. No one in my family is famous or has any connection to the media business. So, like most people I had to build things on my own and tried doing that with creativity, persistence and charm – never with elbows though. There are very few things I shy away from. I’m a classical trained singer and musician, so a few years ago I released a dance song under an artist name that did quite well. This year I went to the drawing board and released a tunic design for an established label
– as a kid I always designed and sewed my own clothes and I immensely enjoyed reconnecting with that old passion of mine. One article wrote about me “Jack of all trades – master of several”. I don’t think I am a master of several, but I do several things just well enough, I guess.

On the physical side I once won a national model contest and usually once you dipped your feet in that pool of vanity called fashion business, a good dosage of vanity always stays with you. My husband loves to make fun of me for that and I am sure he is right in doing so. I cut and color my hair usually myself. I do my own nails .¨ the point is, I make sure it gets done and I always look presentable. Sexiness has a lot to do with a vibe and that starts with a mindset. I generally feel comfortable with who I am and most importantly appreciate each day being healthy, having a healthy family. I take nothing for granted. People tell me I exude happiness and a strong zest for life. I love hearing that cause that is how I feel indeed. Happy, confident people are automatically perceived as a bit sexier, no matter what they look like…


What makes you laugh?

The wedding section in the NY Times on Sundays feeds my sarcastic sense of humor. Otherwise, my barely 1 year-old son is my favorite comedian any day of the week. Ricky Gervais and Robin Williams on stage. Classic comedy shows on TV such as Golden Girls or The Odd Couple. Occasionally Comedy Central, if it’s a good roast, or Jon Stewart.


It’s James Bond season. Interested?
And if yes: who is your favorite James Bond and favorite Bond-girl of all time and why?

I Love watching James Bond films. Already the style aspect matters – it has become a rare pleasure to see men in nice suits in movies
these days. My favorite Bond by far is Roger Moore – he was not just handsome but gave Bond that funny, campy charm. So Moore closely followed by Daniel Craig who
has a star charisma and a raw elegance, if that is a term that even makes sense…well, in my mind it does. Best Bond Girl ever is Maud Adams. I guess that is why she is the only one who appeared in three of the Bond films. gorgeous face, elegant, a real lady, and not just a girl.


As a media expert what were the recent media topics that made you angry?

There are the political topics like the Gaza conflict which I feel is nothing but repetition with innocent people, mainly children, suffering the consequences. Or, the Egypt situation where it seems things have gone from bad to worse when we all had such high hopes for a better future once the people successfully fought for more freedom.

Fur is always a big winter topic and it is just so silly when people say: “Why should people not wear fur, when we all wear leather?” Or: “It’s freedom of choice.” Everyone should always feel compelled to make steps in the right direction and from what I have gathered, fur is the most unnecessary, stupid, cruel product in the world I can think of. When torture of a living being is involved, like fur farm methods where animals are being electroshocked or skinned alive, it is no longer just an “everyone – his own” situation. I am immensely proud of the city of West Hollywood for recently banning fur sale and I hope this will kick in state wide and beyond.

Another issue is child trafficking. Scenarios like we saw in the film TAKEN and TAKEN 2 are very much a reality. Ending the abducting, selling, enslaving and abusing of children must be on everyone’s priority list.

What’s a perfect day like for you?

Hmmm.If I can pick the absolute best scenario it would be family day on the beach somewhere in Italy or South of France.


What has been the toughest lesson you have learned in life so far?

That kindness is often taken for weakness. Plus how scarily fast people forget.


What has been the sweetest revelation?

That if you do good, good things are more likely to come to you. You should not be calculative based on that knowledge though. Just find pleasure in being the best person you can be.


What people do you hang out with?

When we invite our friends over, it’s like a United Nations convention. People from all over the world with all kinds of jobs from scientist to film director to accountant to housewife to the retired attorney turned wine collector.

And they all have a big heart and all kinds of different political views, which I like because I’m always up for a good debate.


You are in
Show Business
– your husband
is in Science . It’s a rare combination. Do you take interest in his work?

Absolutely. He has really opened my eyes up to the exciting DNA research. So many awe-inspiring discoveries are being made and it’s a shame that more people are not being made aware of the groundbreaking medical research that will eventually impact all of us. For example, before my husband told me about his research at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, I never knew that there was a connection between cancer and infertility. Now, I tell everyone. Another thing I have learnt is that funding in basic science is crucial if we are ever to find a cure for many diseases. Analyzing DNA is expensive. However, in this economic climate, it is hard to get governmental grants and this will severely delay finding cures. Fortunately, there are some wonderful philanthropists like Jim Simons who have donated large sums to medical research, and this has already made an impact in our understanding of autism. We need to get more people like him donating money to biomedical research laboratories. My husband thinks we are close to curing many different types of cancer but we will all need to join the effort to make sure this happens in our lifetime.


Let’s talk beauty science! Your skin looks amazing. What are your tips for a better skin?

I don’t ditz around when it comes to skincare and I believe in the powerful stuff straight from the doctor’s office. That means prescription strength retinol cream with added anti-oxidants like Q10 and vitamin E. To me, and many experts, that is still the only magic formula. As for treatments, I like Vitamin C peels and microdermabrasion to even out my skin tone – especially after too much sun exposure during the summer. Also, I recommend wearing 30 SPF daily, sun or rain, and then the most basic advice: sleep 8 hours don’t smoke and don’t drink cocktails or any hard liquor. I prefer to drink wine, beer and champagne only. And I start each day with fresh organic grapefruit juice. Grapefruit is supposedly one of the best foods in the world – so to me it means yummy with benefits. I go easy on coffee and strong on green tea.

Judging by the pictures you and your son Alexus seem to have a blast together. is motherhood as great as you imagined?

Better. I used to laugh when I read interviews where celebrities claimed the best achievement in their life was “being a mother”, but now I feel exactly the same way and I am a bit ashamed of my previous cynical judgment of the celeb moms. I was open to being a mother, but it was my husband who made clear, he really needed me to be into it. So when I married him, I knew it meant trying for a baby was on the menu. Now, I am so in love with being a mom and spending time with my son that my husband always jokes with me “where is my thank you?! I gave you a Speck!” (Speck’ is our son’s nickname). And I take him almost everywhere with me. He is so happy, healthy and curious, that we have been a super team from day one.


You are known to be quite skilled at advising people on dating:
any general tips for our readers?

Here is my take.

For him: please call, don’t text and if she doesn’t know how to appreciate that, then on to the next. No phone on the dinner table when you’re with her and please, if you liked the first date, say it right there at the end and make it clear you’d like to see her again. Love means take a chance! No risk, no reward. If you like a particular woman, focus on her and don’t spread yourself thin, a la Jane on Monday and Lisa on Tuesday. Only insecure women like players.

For her: A good guy is the winner, so don’t play games with him. It doesn’t matter how fast you have sex, but at least let him reach out afterwards first. Let him wow you and be the aggressor, even after you already counted the flowers on the ceiling together. He should be generous, but don’t ask him how much money he makes. It’s his, not yours. Take interest though in how he makes his money. If he is not an honorable person in his profession, why would you love him?
Unless you are just into a fling, stay away from men who only date much younger women as they are usually either insecure of have no depth.


As far as we’ve heard, you were never keen on marriage. What made you change your mind and say “yes” to your husband? What was special about him?

Of course it’s always many things coming together that make a person right for someone. In a nutshell: his inner beauty matched the outer beauty. Aside from handsome looks with those kind eyes and his great sense of humor, his intelligence and knowledge was fascinating, as was the very fact that even though he had all the offers to go for the big money jobs in the finance business, he chose to be a professor of biology and focus on genetic cancer research. He really wants to help find key answers. He has accomplished so much already at such a young age. I look up to him. A vivid mind and a big heart are essential to me, yet a rarity when it comes to attractive men.
They usually have either or, not both. And as for the marriage goes? Much simpler than I thought.
In the end, he was the only man where the thought of “you & me forever” didn’t scare me but put a big smile on my face. Thank God the feeling was mutual….

You have appeared on TV and in magazines not just as a media expert but as a style expert as well. Describe your personal style:

Elegant with a retro touch and some ooompf. The black dress that covers the knees but flaunts the curves. I design my own off the shoulder tunics, because I got tired of buying tunics and having them altered to my liking. Off the shoulder is so much more intriguing than being cut out to Brazil – even though there is a time and place for showing some cleavage. I always wear heels – flats are for ballerinas or those who are built like one. Even though I am almost 6ft tall I always have additional 2-3 inches under me. Now in the winter it’s time for trench and nice wool coats – always belted to accentuate the waistline. Scrunched boots are my favorite footwear. Generally I keep it from head to toe within the same color range, because it looks more pulled together. As for jewelry: yellow gold only and just a very few pieces. My hair I always style via hot rollers. I love the big 80s hairstyle. For the elegant night out, I like to create a French twist or pin all the hair to one side. Sometimes I tie a classic knot in the back but always slightly to the side. Make up-wise, you will rarely see me without eyeliner. The photos of this shoot very much capture my personal style.


Do you have any unusual items in your closet?

Not really. The most unusual thing about my closet is that it is not that big and has a surprisingly low amount of shoes. I don’t get women with shoe tick. I shop like a dude. I know what I want, in and out, boom, I am done! “Going shopping” is not a seductive term for me.


What do you think are the biggest fashion mistakes women make?

Wearing skinny jeans while not being skinny enough for it. There are many things that look nice on a size 10 or 12. Skinny jeans are not one of those things.

Then a big topic for me is jewelry. I’ll never understand why women with lots of money think they have to load up on jewelry and accessories. Like the designer glasses here, the huge necklace there, the big bling on several fingers, the in-your-face watch.
They look like a
Christmas tree.
Less is more!


You are from Germany – name some of the misconceptions about Germans and Germany:

“All Germans wear lederhosen” – that would be like saying all Americans wear cowboy hats.
“German women don’t shave” – well, the 70’s are over, also in Germany.
“Germans have no sense of humor'”- the German comedians are hilarious and fill soccer stadiums! “Germans are stiffs” – well Octoberfest is the longest party in the world which more than mildly suggests Germans love having a good time!
Our dinners with family or friends are going on for hours and hours with lots of talk and laughter and if there is a real party, we are usually one of the first to get on the dance-floor. In fact, when us Germans hit a party and there is no dancing, we are likely to leave early!


Let’s have more fun with the stereotypes – What do you think makes you a
typical German?

I am usually extremely punctual, voice my opinion and thoughts, very straight to the point and often very blunt. Sauerkraut with Bratwurst is one of my favorite foods, I do enjoy my house slippers, and love soccer!

Germany has so many beautiful women, why you think there are not more famous German ladies in Hollywood?

From what I can see the beautiful ones rarely get a real shot at the big roles in Germany even, so if Germany is not pushing it’s own beauties, why would Hollywood go and search for them. It seems the German TV and film business is pushing those more who have a pretty, but relatable, non-threatening look. Yes, we got a few really stunning actresses who’ve also worked internationally like Alexandra Kamp, for example. But in general the lack of German homegrown and home groomed leading ladies in Hollywood is a bit sad. On the upside the actresses from the older generation are more glamorous and have huge careers still with lead roles. In fact, the sexiest actress in the world past 50 is German in my view. Her name is Hannelore Elsner. In fact, Hollywood should still call her. She is 70 and has still got it all. If I am as sexy and sensual looking as she is when I turn 70, then I’ll count my lucky stars.


Good bye 2012 – hello 2013. Any New Year resolutions?

Aside from even more gym, even less french fries and no diet sodas ever again I’d like to dedicate more time to charitable work, spot boring and bad people earlier, so I can avoid them altogether and finally see ‘Shakespeare in Central Park’ this summer.

Photos shot
Victoria Janashvili
in amazing
Marseille restaurant
in New York
Styling: Lila Shlyapkina

Hair and Makeup: Enid Seymore

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