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Must Have Hair Products for Every Glam Girl

To be a glam girl means to be fashionable and alluring in every aspect. This includes your wardrobe, your makeup, and, of course, your hair! It can be hard to find the right products that are cruelty-free and vegan that still work wonders. But when you do find the right hair products, it all becomes worthwhile.

Below are our favorite vegan and cruelty-free hair products that you just have to try as we move into the warm summer months. They are the hair essentials for every glam girl.

Davroe Ends Repair Leave-In Treatment

This ends repair cream can be applied on wet or dry hair from the middle of your hair down to the ends. You apply it once, and you’re done! It is an incredible product, as it prevents split ends, reduces fly-aways, and leaves your hair feeling soft and looking shiny. It even protects hair from the sun’s harmful rays. It is absolutely a favorite here at VIVA GLAM Magazine.

It is available for $25 here!

Davroe Argan Oil

Davroe’s Argan Oil conditions and moisturizes your hair without making your hair greasy or weighing it down. It’s a great treatment for your hair, especially in the hot weather.

It is available for $23.95 on Davroe’s website.

Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray

This texturing sea salt spray is infused with aloe and sea kelp, providing your hair with natural shine. It’s perfect for creating a natural beachy look with a light gloss.

It’s available for only $5.99 here.

Cashmere Hair Clip-In Extensions

Cashmere Hair clip-in hair extensions are long, thick, and cashmere soft. They are high-quality and clip in without damaging your own hair. If you’d like fuller and longer hair this summer, we highly suggest getting your own set of Cashmere Hair extensions.

Full sets of extensions start at just $179.95 here!

Head Kandy Wanna Be Dry Shampoo

We love the Wanna Be Dry Shampoo by Head Kandy! It quickly soaks up oil and sweat, making your day-old hair feel fresh and new without leaving residue or making your hair crunchy.

A 7.4oz bottle is only $18.00 on their website.

Head Kandy Style Me Drama Queen Volume Powder Mist

This volume powder mist creates long-lasting volume in your hair without leaving any greasy or sticky residue. It’s perfect to pump up your hair look for an all-day effect!

A .42oz bottle is just $18 on their website.

Head Kandy Amino Keratin Shampoo

This shampoo is keratin-rich to give you healthy, shiny, non-frizzy hair! It protects you from you own hair routine of constantly frying and drying your hair.

A 12oz bottle is available for $18 on their website.

Luxury Botanicals Moisturizing Condish

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This invigorating conditioner by 103Collection hydrates dry and brittle hair and gently conditions without drying your hair up. Naturally, it creates softness, shine, and sleekness on all hair types.

It is available for $10!

CurlME Detachable Hair Brush Starter Set

As seen on Instagram, CurlME is a blow-dry brush, meant to give you the look of a salon blowout! What’s even better is that this set comes with many different brush heads for different hair lengths and styles!

It is available for only $39.99 here!

A Scrunchie

And, finally, who could forget a good ol’ scrunchy? 90’s style is back, after all, and what better to bring back with us from the 90’s than the stylish and reliable scrunchy. You can find them relatively anywhere for almost nothing! Here’s a pack with many different colors!


French Bedroom Hair

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