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How You Can Best Take Care of Your Lashes

There’s only so much a mascara can do. We try and try to find the perfect one, and sure they can work amazingly but they can only work with what they’re given. Of course, there’s always the standby of false lashes but who has the time to mess about with them and be left with a sticky mess on their lash line? It’s a hard life out there for those of us not blessed with naturally amazing lashes. It can be tough.

Blessings aside, most of us just don’t take the time and effort to properly take care of our lashes. We may have a great set to begin with, but with time we wear them out till we’re left with very little to work with. Instead of trying to find the perfect mascara to cover things up- why not go back to square one? Your mascara will only look as good as your lashes are…

Why You Need to Take Care of Your Lashes

Makeup is truly a life saver. Sure, it’s fun to play around with and we’re generally obsessed. But, what we love most about it has to be it’s ability to have our back. Whatever we’re not happy with on our face, it can mask or improve- seriously appreciated. But sometimes we treat it as a crutch, and we should spend more time focusing on the root cause of the problem.

As with anything on our face, eyelashes require care and attention. Treating them terribly is only going to hurt you by showing it on your face. Whether you suffer from short stubby lashes or lashes falling out- it’s important to take the extra steps to take care of your eyelashes and keep them in the best condition possible. Here are some of the ways we’ve found you can have your lashes back!

Remove With Care

The most common reason for loss of lashes or frail lashes is how you remove your makeup. You often just want to get it off your face efficiently, so you end up rubbing and tugging at your eyelashes to rub that mascara away. STOP NOW! Not only is harsh tugging going to cause wrinkles and signs of aging, but it’s too rough on your lashes.

You need to remove your eye makeup gently, using light motions with your fingers rather than a harsh wipe. That’s why we find the best way to remove your eye makeup is with a cleansing oil or balm. Using your fingers gently and rubbing the oil/balm into your lashes isn’t only going to keep them in better condition, but it also removes the makeup much faster!


There really isn’t a beauty ailment that doesn’t come with it’s own DIY recipe to cure it, and lashes are no exception. While there are countless lash growth serums on the market, we find that making your own concoction works much better!

All you need to do is take equal parts of avocado oil, castor oil and coconut oil and mix them into a container! Just apply this mixture onto your lashes every night and you’ll notice the results within weeks! This mixture is going to deeply condition your eyelashes to keep them healthy, but it also allows them to grow dramatically- we swear by it!

Prime Time

We’ve all heard of primers. We often use them on our skin or even on our eyelids. Well, this trick is all about priming your lashes! There are hundreds of mascara primers on the market and it’s about time you invested in one!

Mascara primers act as a barrier between your lashes and your mascara. As with most makeup products, mascara obviously isn’t the best for your eyelashes. So, why not create a barrier to avoid as much damage as you can? That way, you don’t have to cut back on your mascara. A big bonus is that mascara primers actually work to amplify length and volume- so you’ll get better instant results as well!

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