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Wedding Trends: More About the Bride, Less About Tradition

Each year brings a fresh influx of wedding trends, and 2019 is no different. When it comes to getting married, a lot of couples are still sticking to the classics: white dresses, tiered cakes, and traditional venues. But there are also some new trends emerging that we’re excited to share with you.

It’s About the Couple – Not Making Everyone Else Happy

One major theme that stands out is that brides are taking matters into their own hands. In the past, there was tremendous pressure on them to look a certain way or choose a particular venue. But, it’s no longer about trying to please everyone and reach a happy middle ground. It’s up to the bride and groom to choose the decor, invitations, and the guest list that they want. Couples are working together to set their special day apart from the rest and make it more personalized to their taste.

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Unexpected Venues

As couples strive to create unique weddings, they are looking beyond traditional marriage and reception locales. Unexpected places like libraries, pop-up barns, and even scenic backyards are their venues of choice. They’re even choosing to simply make nature the backdrop or get married under the stars. Couples are also opting for no-fuss city hall weddings and low-key ceremonies. The goal is to get married in a unique space that perfectly reflects their relationship.

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A New Twist on Florals

Florals are being embraced in a big way this year, not only as decor highlights but also as beautiful 3D appliques on wedding dresses. Gone are the staid, bulky arrangements of the past. Blooms are being suspended delicately from ceilings and tastefully arranged in vintage vases. In terms of colors pastels still rule, but brides are opting for brighter highlights.

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Lab Created Diamonds

While many couples opt for traditional diamonds, a new wave of diamonds is making their way into the market. Brides and grooms on a budget are turning to more eco-friendly options out there. Lab created diamond engagement rings are great for the Earth and your pocket. From clear to colored, there are many options out there that brides can choose from and maybe even a bigger diamond!

Alternative Food Options

Couples are choosing the food they love over traditional 3-course set menus. You can expect to see food vans, portable pizza ovens, and large sharing plates at upcoming weddings. Wedding guests will also be able to enjoy alternative cuisines like Japanese, Peruvian, and Mexican.

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Unconventional Wedding Dress Colors

While a shade of white is a classic choice, modern brides are opting for more unconventional colors. Two shades to look out for are champagne and soft rose. Being a bride no longer means having to dress in white. Dresses in these hues will add an undeniably glamorous and striking vibe to your wedding trousseau.

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The Messy Updo Is Still a Favorite

Brides are still slaying pretty, messy updos on their wedding days. They are also rocking different textures and unique hair colors. Soft waves with side parts and beautiful hair combs will also be popular this year.

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It’s All About the Glow

The shift towards wellness is evident in this year’s bridal makeup trends. Brides are embracing self-care rituals as a way to look radiant on their wedding days. So, it’s not just about the right makeup, but glowing skin from within. Brides no longer want to sit in a chair for hours getting their makeup done. However, glamor still rules with the popularity of long, lavish lashes on the rise.

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Remember that while it’s great to track trends, ultimately your wedding day is what you make of it. Enjoy the process of planning your wedding and don’t sweat the small stuff. It’s your time to shine, and you can find a way to have the wedding of your dreams.

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