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What Do Men Really Want from Us Women?

We all have a list of qualities and characteristics we are looking for in men. But what do men want from us? Here is a list of some of the top things VIVA GLAM thinks men are looking for in a potential partner.

  1. A Good Listener. Be a good listener. It is simple- just listen. Sometimes after your man comes home from a busy and long day at work, he wants nothing more than for you to be a good listening ear while he vents his day to you. You don’t have to even offer advice. Just listen and he will begin to decompress. After all, Freud said that once someone is able to vocalize their concerns, they immediately feel a sense of relief. Be the listening ear for him; he will always appreciate it.
  1. Small tokens of appreciation. Even though men
    do much of the gift giving to show appreciation, you can do it too. Surprise him with something small that you know he likes or needs.
    There doesn’t need to be an anniversary or reason to celebrate. Does he like a particular cologne or facial scrub? Perhaps he has a favorite dessert? By giving small tokens of affection on occasion, it will show that you are thinking of him.
  1. Home cooked food.
    We all think this is cliche. And in our busy world, women do less and less of the cooking these days. But men still appreciate a good, hot, home-cooked meal. If you can’t do it on a daily basis, try once a week on the weekends. Believe us, he will appreciate it and look forward to opening the door and smelling a home cooked meal that is awaiting him.
  1. Staying in shape.
    We all lead busy lives. And with work, children and family, it is sometimes impossible to take care of ourselves. But men are visual creatures. And they want to be attracted to us.
    Try staying in shape and see what it can do. You’ll be surprised at how much attention he will lavish on you if you stay in shape.
  1. Look glamorous and beautiful.
    You don’t have to look perfect all of the time. This is an unrealistic goal to attain for just about everyone. However, be a creature unlike any other, the ethereal creature he fell in love with on occasion. As we mentioned in #4, men are visual beings.
    Sad, but true, so much of their attention depends on how we look. So looking glamorous and beautiful will keep his interest in the long run.
  1. A sexy strip show.
    Why not? On occasion spice things up a bit with a sexy strip show when he least expects it. Rather than the usual football game on Sunday, instead show him what he’s missing!
    Try on a sexy outfit he’s never seen before and watch out!

  1. Role playing.
    Does he like to play doctor? Then be Nurse Feelgood for an afternoon of fun. Does he like to play student and teacher? All of these role playing games are exactly that,
    just games.
    They are fun and harmless and add excitement back into a relationship. After all, after a certain period of time, you’ve done just about everything sexually and there is nothing new you can do. So, spice things up with a little game of ranch hand and farmer’s daughter!
  1. No drama. Let’s face it, guys don’t want drama. In fact, they abhor it.
    They will turn their feet and high tail it out of town when there is too much drama. This is mainly because they are dealing with so much at work; they don’t need additional drama at home. No matter how beautiful or sexy you are, if you add too much drama, they will become disinterested, annoyed and forget what they found interesting in you in the first place. So, try to keep your drama to a minimum.
  1. Provide a peaceful home.
    Did you ever hear the saying, “Silence is Golden”? Sometimes men want to come to a home that is a refuge from the outside world. They deal with a lot of stress at work. So, make your home a refuge where he can recoup and re-energize rather than wear him down. A calm place to revitalize is just what he needs and he will look forward to seeing you as his place of comfort and rest.
  1. Stay positive.
    It is important for him to hear little positive things about himself from you. Little words of encouragement go a long way. And so do compliments. Men have egos that need to be fed.
    This is a fact. And when you do this in a subtle way, they are fortified mentally and emotionally from you to tackle the day. You ground him and make him feel like Superman! These little words of encouragement don’t cost a thing, but you’ll be surprised what you’ll get back from him!

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