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When Should You Dump Him?

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Everyone goes through difficult times in his or her relationship. As they say, no relation is ever perfect.
But when should you ride through the bumps and when should you tell him to hit the road?Here are a few of our key reasons why you should tell him “Adios Amigo!”


He “negs” you. What is a neg? A neg is a surreptitious compliment. It may sound like a compliment, but in actuality is not. For example, if he says, “I like you, even though you are not my ideal type of girl.”
That is a neg.
Don’t accept this behavior. He is not really complimenting you.
In fact, he’s playing upon your insecurities to make you feel badly about yourself.
Don’t stand for it.

Couple With Problems Amongst Group Of Friends Relaxing On Sofa

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