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When Should You Dump Him?

Everyone goes through difficult times in his or her relationship. As they say, no relation is ever perfect.
But when should you ride through the bumps and when should you tell him to hit the road?Here are a few of our key reasons why you should tell him “Adios Amigo!”

He “negs” you. What is a neg? A neg is a surreptitious compliment. It may sound like a compliment, but in actuality is not. For example, if he says, “I like you, even though you are not my ideal type of girl.”
That is a neg.
Don’t accept this behavior. He is not really complimenting you.
In fact, he’s playing upon your insecurities to make you feel badly about yourself.
Don’t stand for it.

It’s all about him. Relationships are a two way street and no one is in one alone.
If he only talks about himself and never asks you any questions about yourself- dump him. Why? Narcissists never make good partners. It will always be about him and never about you.

He complains about the way you look. If he is unhappy with the way you look, he should positively encourage you to make the changes you want to make. You can’t make them for him anyways, but you can make them for yourself. Only this is true change. Instead of saying, “You look fat.” He should say, “Why don’t we go to the gym together and work out. It will be fun!” Positive encouragement will help both you and your relationship on the whole.
Negativity will only bring both of you down.

He is not supportive. If he is not supportive of your career, personal goals or achievements, he is not for you. He should be there for you, cheering you every step of the way. If you are supporting him emotionally, he should be doing the same for you. And there are really no excuses for not doing this.

He flirts too much with other women. Making comments about other women, blatantly staring or outright flirting with other women is not acceptable. Yes, we all know that men are visual creatures. However, this is not an excuse to be rude and hurtful to you. If he has this problem, don’t stick around. It is better to be with someone else you deserves you.

He embarrasses you in public. For whatever the reason, if he is embarrassing you in public, it is not worth pursuing this relationship.
You will never be comfortable out with other people and will always be on edge wondering what he will be doing next.
A loose cannon is not the type of person you want to bring home to your parents.
Besides, there are plenty of other fish in the sea.

He degrades you in front of others. Do not accept this type of behavior, period.
Let me say it again: do not accept this. There is no excuse to shame, humiliate or cut you down in public. There are many reasons why he may feel the need to do this such as low self-esteem. But there is no good reason for you to accept this. Turn on your high heels and run away quickly from this one!

He doesn’t say thank you. As small as this may seem, it is representative of something larger. If he is not appreciative, he may have a sense of entitlement. He will not be appreciative of you and will take you for granted. Don’t engage in this type of relationship unless you are the type to be satisfied with much less than you are worth.

He doesn’t like women. Does he make misogynistic remarks? Does he appear to not like a lot of women? Does he not get along with his mother? This is a big problem. He will view you as “less than” and this will always appear subliminally in your relationship.
You just can’t win on this one. Leave immediately.

He is “angry guy”.
Does he think the world owes him big time?
Or that he has been done some great injustice?
And that he “deserves” so much because of this?
If you are with “angry man” there will be no peace in your relationship because this will affect ALL of his relationships.
Don’t attempt to fix this one because it just won’t work.
Let him be the angry man that he is without you.
You deserve so much more and should be with people who love and respect you!

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