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Master Colorist Renee Taglia Shares Hollywood Tips About Choosing Your Hair Color

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Q&A with Renee Taglia

What it is about being a colorist that you love? When did you realize you had this specific passion?

What I love most about being a hair colorist is the thorough customization of my individual client’s hair color.
I factor in, paying attention to every detail from his or her natural skin tone, eye color, hair texture and length, as well as my client’s lifestyle during the consultation.
I provide my clients with couture hair color that showcases his or her own individuality and personality.

I wake up completely ecstatic in the morning to get to my studio [to work at] a career that I love.
I discovered this passion in high school while I was matriculated in both cosmetology school and high school.
While those days were jammed-packed, I was able to begin working in a salon at the age of 17 and begin taking clients during these late teens years.
I knew my passion was in hair color when I picked up my first color brush and began my first color application.
Being an artist growing up, you can say it came naturally to me.

When you create hair colors for celebrities, do you ever have to take into account the lighting on their TV shows or red carpet paparazzi? If so, what changes do you make?

As far as taking the lighting into consideration for red carpets and television shows, I always triple check my work.
At my studio in Beverly Hills, I actually have three different lighting settings; I examine my clients natural underlying tones when reflected off the various hues in lighting.
This ensures my client color is complimentary under various lighting i.e. red carpet, television, and film. The number one priority is always to ensure the tones accentuate my clients best features and diminishes those imperfections.

You also teach all over the country. How much of the city’s climate or fashion sense do you take into consideration with your teaching methods?

My classes, similar with my own clients, are tailored to the individual salon’s demographics.
Teaching a class that tailors to a different city’s culture would be selling my students short.
There is definitely classical styles of coloring hair that stand the test of time that I do incorporate in my lectures; however, the majority of my classes are with the finger on the pulse as to what is happening in that specific region.

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