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Master Colorist Renee Taglia Shares Hollywood Tips About Choosing Your Hair Color

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If someone doesn’t have access to your services, what are your tips to finding hair colors that work best for your skin tone?

Great question!
My first suggestion is open your closet and take a step back helicopter view to the overriding colors and tones in your wardrobe.
Hair is one of three categories- warm (reds, yellows, and oranges), cool (green, blue, and violet) or neutral (grey, white, black).
We all have a propensity to gravitate towards a specific color we feel the most attractive in. Trust your instincts here. Secondly, open your jewelry box.
Do you tend to wear more silver or gold jewelry?
I think you can see where I am going with this.
I also consult with clients and colorists internationally and domestically.
I Skype with clients providing video consultations in the regions I am not in, as well as fellow hair colorists with client situations.

As we’re entering the winter months, what are your favorite tips on how to maintain healthy hair in colder temperatures?

The winter months are much more deceivingly drying on the outer cuticular layer of the hair.
When you are in temperatures below 50 degrees, try to cover as much as your hair as possible; tuck it under the hat if you need to.
Also, indoor heating is one of the most detrimental culprits to causing dry hair.
I recommend all my clients purchase a humidifier for their room to put on while they sleep.
Sure, most houses are equipped with built-in humidifiers but most people fear condensation on the windows so they decrease the settings to prevent foggy windows.

Your regulars request the Relights service. Why do you recommend it to everyone?

Imagine your hair strand is the trunk of a massive tree.
The outer layer of the hair, cuticle, is the tree’s bark.
Our tree bark raises and swells from numerous causes: free radicals in the environment, blow dryers, flat irons, and minerals in our water.
Relights is an acidic clear gloss the seals the cuticle layer down flat.
Now imagine the tree bark that is flush to the tree, super smooth allowing for much more light reflection.
The flatter your cuticle layer, the shinier your hair.
Relights is the very last step of my coloring services.
This in-salon service extends the life of my clients color, providing amazing shine value and makes styling much more manageable for 4-6 weeks.

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