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Master Colorist Renee Taglia Shares Hollywood Tips About Choosing Your Hair Color

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Long or short, straight or curly, brunette or blonde, how someone wears their hair can tell you a lot about their lifestyle, profession, musical interests, and more!

Renee Taglia, a Master Colorist with more than 14 years of experience, is a true artist with the coloring brush and is trusted by many celebs to define their on-screen look in her private Beverly Hills studio.

With a background in art, Taglia formulates her colors with the precision of a scientist but also the finesse of an artist. She truly believes that there is a shade of every color for everyone! Taglia is also known for providing her customers with the Releights service: a service that seals the hair strands so it radiates shine.

As we’re in the middle of winter, a season that can be truly detrimental to your hair, we asked this master colorist about how best to protect your strands, why you should consider a Relights service, and how to choose a color best fit for your lifestyle.

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