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Limp Hair: Why You Have It and What to Do About It

Almost all women desire thick and voluminous hair. Unfortunately, limp hair is a common problem for a lot of women. The good news is that it is manageable. To be specific, you can add volume to your limp hair. To give you a better view, here are some causes of limp hair along with some ways to manage it.

Causes of Limp Hair

1. Incorrect Use of Hair Products

Keep in mind that all types of hair will lose their body if you’re using the wrong products. For this reason, you must use a product that is designed for your hair type or texture. Additionally, you should also use your hair care product properly. For example, when applying conditioner, you should avoid applying it too close to the roots to avoid limp hair. Plus, you also have to rinse the conditioner properly.

2. Too Much Oil on Your Scalp

Most women with limp hair have fine hair, but they have more strands on their scalp. Unfortunately, having fine strands lead to limp hair because of too much oil. Remember, each strand of hair has an oil gland. As such, your scalp produces more oil if you have more hair. The result is flat and lifeless hair.

3. Other Factors

Aside from those causes of limp hair, you may also have tresses that lack volume because of your genes. Additionally, too much stress can also affect your hair, which eventually leads to limp and lifeless hair.

Ways to Add Volume to Limp Hair

1. Get a Short Haircut

Having the right hairstyle is the key to tackling limp hair. Remember, the longer your hair, the heavier it becomes. The result is flat and shapeless hair. For this reason, opting for a short haircut, like a lob haircut, will make your hair lighter. Plus, it will also make your tresses look voluminous.

2. Blowdry Your Hair Upside Down

One of the best tricks to add volume to your hair is to blowdry it upside down. Doing this will add a healthy bounce to your hair, making it look fuller and thicker.

3. Give Yourself a Scalp Massage

As you know, your hair is affected by your blood flow. As such, you must massage your scalp regularly to increase blood flow. Doing this will not only ensure that your hair strands grow healthy. It can also make your tresses look lifted and voluminous. To do this method, you can gently massage your hair at the roots in an upward motion to lift your roots.


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