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Ladies, Use These Underrated Feminine Strengths to Succeed in Your Workplace

“The times are-a changing.” They definitely are, with women taking the labor market by storm. Unfortunately though, more and more women are being forced to put their natural femininity on the back-burner and try to be just like their male colleagues in order to be taken more seriously at work.

It’s a popular belief that women can’t succeed in the workplace unless they act like men. That’s a myth. In fact, there are several underrated feminine characteristics that can help women get ahead in their careers. While men can absolutely possess these qualities, most of them are common to women.

Women should be encouraged to express their authentic feminine selves in the workplace, which will empower them to be the best versions of their professional selves.


*Before we begin, I’d like to start off by saying that one of the most important decisions regarding career any woman can make is that of choosing one which they’re passionate about. When you take a job you like, your own enthusiasm will motivate you and your passion will push you towards success and innovation. While that may not always be possible, if it is, then don’t let anyone shame you for the career choices you’ve made or the industry you’ve chosen, whether it be male or female dominated.*


On a general basis, women are considered more emotional than men. These emotions have often been sighted as a detriment, but it needn’t be so. If channeled appropriately, emotions can be quite beneficial, since they provide a unique perspective on work related issues. You can empathize and relate to your colleagues and clients better. If regulated well, they can improve communication as well as interpersonal relationships necessary for any job.


Persuasion is the hidden weapon in a woman’s arsenal. What makes it powerful is that a woman’s power of persuasion is not just limited to convincing others. It includes collaboration, understanding and teamwork. All of these can work wonders for your projects, presentation and team interactions. Marketing, sales, customer support services etc. can really benefit from good persuasion. You can even take this skill a step further to negotiate promotions and pay raises.


This is truly an underrated quality. An average woman has several things to do: housework, shopping, and work meetings. Add a husband and kids and your time is literally not your own. But you can use your multitasking ability to round things up, meet deadlines, manage multiple schedules and come up with more innovative solutions to get work done faster. You will also be able to manage time and utilize all your resources. If that isn’t a professional asset, then I don’t know what is.


According to research, in general, women are better than men at reading facial expressions since they have a heightened sensory ability which helps them to pick up on more subtle emotional messages. This is called intuition, and it’s a critical negotiating leverage. This can be particularly helpful when it comes to interaction and communication by giving you the power to identify people’s needs and perceptions, thereby allowing you to voice your suggestions/feedback and assert yourself better while networking and managing work related projects.


 The best leaders are the ones who care. Considering the current circumstances, this quality is of even more importance. The reason this has always been considered feminine is because it’s associated with mothering and nurturing.

Being compassionate in the workplace means that you nurture talent, encourage your team to perform to the best of their abilities, and help people with their problems. You offer support and inspire. You can use this during negotiation, pitches and meetings. When you make people feel heard and understood, they respect and connect with you on a deeper level. There’s nothing like compassion and concern to enhance your reputation and improve your relationships as well as self-esteem.


Looking good and using makeup are skills that can help a woman cement and enhance her reputation at work. Dressing well and looking put together is a big part of self-presentation. It makes you look sharp and professional, like someone who pays attention to detail and invests in herself. Chic, professional attire, grooming and some good makeup can do wonders for your confidence and set the precedent for how you’re perceived and treated at work. And confident women are the ones who conquer the world. (Just remember to be comfortable in what you wear and hold your head high.)

*Another important thing to note is that there’s no need to feel guilty for desiring a relationship. It’s totally okay (and healthy) to have a balanced personal life. Contrary to what many say, being (or wanting to be) married and having children does not make you weak or drag you down. Instead, it helps you to define your goals more clearly by fueling your work ethic and dedication. Your family and friends are your support system and they’ll push you to perform better at work.*


Women aren’t men. And they don’t need to be. Masculinity and femininity should complement each other for a good balance. Women shouldn’t have to compromise on being women, instead they can double down on their strengths. The right way to empower women is through letting them be their authentic feminine self.


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