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Innovative Tools for Wine Drinkers

Who doesn’t love having a glass of wine from time to time? A recent study conducted by the Clinic for Aging Research and Education claims that people who drink two glasses of wine or beer a day tend to live longer on the whole than those who don’t. In fact, according to this study, drinking in moderation actually lessens your chance of dying prematurely even more than exercise. It may be debatable whether a glass of wine a day really will keep the doctor away, but it’s safe to say that most people love decompressing after a long week by sipping their favorite red.

Regardless, since summer is fast approaching, we thought it would be the ideal time to share some new, innovative tools we have found for all of you wine lovers out there. These items will really amp up your summer wine game.

Vino 911 Red Wine Stain Remover

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Vino 911 Red Wine Stain Remover from Cork Pops is our favorite solution for when wine accidents happen. We’ve all been there- we’ve spilled red wine on our carpet. And the odds of it coming out never look good. Well, they look a lot better with Vino 911, an innovative new wine stain remover. When your spill happens, gently shake your Vino 911 bottle and spray it on the stain. Blot the stain with a cloth and let it dry. After a few minutes, the stain will disappear. The best thing about Vino 911 is that it is an all-natural, eco-friendly cleaner, so no harsh chemicals are involved. We tried it, and we were very happy with the results.


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We’ve mentioned Ullo before, but we just can’t get enough of it. Üllo Wine Purifier seems to be the most advanced wine purifier out there. It both filters and aerates your wine in one easy pour, removing the sulfites and instantly restoring its natural taste, making your wine fresher and much crisper. It uses “Selective Sulfite Capture” technology and combines it with an adjustable wine aerator, placing the two within a single unit, making it revolutionary for all the wine lovers out there.

Blendtique Wooden Kit

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What better gift is there to give a friend or bring to a summer event than a wine giftset? But Blendtique isn’t just any wine giftset, it takes wine gifting to the next level. Blendtique is a custom wine blending kit. It comes with all the tools and instructions to allow you to blend and mix until you’ve created a wine that tastes uniquely perfect for you! And the chic little box it comes in makes it that much more stylish.


The Only Wine You’ll Ever Have to Take on Your Adventures

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