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The Only Wine You’ll Ever Have to Take on Your Adventures

Do you love wine, innovation, the outdoors, and mother nature? If you answered yes, then you must try Canteen Wine Co’s wine! There’s a new wine in town, and it’s all about bringing your love of wine and adventure together.

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Canteen Wine Co is a very inventive wine company, as it combines your love of wine with the great outdoors. Finally, there’s a wine for people who enjoy travel, hiking, and staying active. Why does it work so well to bring with you on your outdoor activities? The story of the company will help to explain.

Canteen Wine Co started when a group of friends chartered a boat after a day on the golf course, pulled out their wine bottle and before pouring a glass, the bottle hit the deck, shattering. Glass breaks, realizing how easy it breaks and how heavy it is when you’re traveling around living an adventurous lifestyle, a change had to be made. So, Canteen Wine Co created a product for those who love travel, adventure, being active, having fun and, of course, still enjoying wine. You see, their can is resealable

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You heard right! They have resealable cans. That means that you can keep bugs, dirt, and other not fun things out of your wine while you’re staying active. As their mantra says, “keep the good things in and the bad things out!”  And that also means no spills while you’re on the trail!

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Aside from their innovative can, Canteen Wine Co is also a very eco-friendly brand, which is something we truly admire here at VIVA GLAM Magazine. Canteen Wine Co cans are 100% recyclable. In fact, they’re made from aluminum, which is the easiest material to recycle. Shipping aluminum leaves less of a carbon footprint during the shipping process than glass does. Part of Canteen Wine Co’s social responsibility initiative is partnering with One Tree Planted, which helps to restore forests around the world.

Canteen Wine Co has two delicious flavors. The pinot noir has tasting notes of smooth cherry, raspberry, and blackberry. It’s best paired with cozy nights in a tent and Netflix binges. The Rosé has tasting notes of cherry, raspberry, strawberry, and effervescent. It’s best paired with alpine hikes and surfing.

So, if you’re keen to hiking and adventure and you love wine, go ahead and try Canteen Wine Co’s wine today!

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