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How to Naturally Prevent and Diminish Crows Feet

Try as we might, we cannot avoid aging. It is an inevitable truth that none of us want to face! While we patiently await a vial of eternal youth, we’re going to have to stick to what the beauty market provides us. Anti-aging skincare products are perhaps the most popular and widely sold beauty category. Serums and eye creams claiming to tackle wrinkles and crow’s feet can be found everywhere. Well, we’ve found that instead of dropping hundreds of bucks on the latest “miracle” anti-aging product, how about turning to nature? Tips and tricks and home remedies using organic and natural ingredients can often be our biggest life savers. Especially when it comes to crow’s feet. While we can’t entirely avoid this natural process, we can use nature to slow it down a little- and here’s how!

Bye Bye Sugar

You’ll have heard this a million times, but switching up your diet really is the best way to solve any skin struggles. What we eat is directly reflected onto our skin. While an all-around healthier diet can prevent general signs of aging, sugar is the most important and drastic change you can make. Eliminating sugar from your diet is the best thing you can do for your crows feet. Sugar is collagen’s biggest enemy and just leaves your skin lack luster and speeds up the aging!

Almond Oil

As one of those multi-purpose product, almond oil is a beauty gem. One of the most popular uses for it is as an eye cream. Applying almond oil daily to the area surrounding your eyes will leave it visibly softer and smoother. It can help prevent crows feet in the long run!

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a natural ingredient that can be found in almost every anti-aging skincare product, and there’s a reason why. This is a super strong antioxidant, and it is a powerhouse ingredient when it comes to regenerating skin cells. It works miracles in keeping the skin plump and hydrated. It can be found sold in capsules. Simply break them open and massage it into your entire face to avoid general signs of aging or only around your eyes for crow’s feet!

Massage Your Crows Away

Well, it turns out that massages aren’t just stress-relieving and pampering, they can actually do a lot more! Whatever product you come to apply around your eyes, massaging it in is the way to get the most benefits. Gently massaging the area surrounding your eyes can increase blood circulation and keep the skin looking and feeling younger!


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