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How to Maximize Your NBA Finals Trip

A countless number of NBA experts and analysts’ predictions today say that the NBA Finals, between Boston and Golden State, will go the distance to Game 7. This means more travel opportunities to visit the cities of Boston, Massachusetts, and San Francisco, California, along with their surrounding areas. 

Both cities are full of unique places to go for your time, not at the game. Fly or drive all the way to the city to not see the best things it has to offer? From the West Coast Bay to one of the most historical cities in America, here are the best things to do in Boston and San Francisco for your NBA Finals trip. 

San Francisco


One of the most unique and borderline creepy places in the world, what was once a maximum-security prison, is now a tourist destination. It’s easy to book a tour to the island to get a guided tour to go inside an inescapable prison and learn about the history, creepy stories, and myths that took place between the walls of the prison. 

What makes Alcatraz such a unique prison is its isolation from the rest of the country. Prisoners from all over the country would essentially get banished from the mainland and sent to this lockdown prison built on an island off the coast of San Francisco. The prison has been shut down for nearly 60 years, but it’s just a quick boat ride away if you’re feeling ambiguous. 

Golden Gate Sunset

If you are going to the bay, you cannot make the trip without seeing the Golden Gate Bridge. The beautiful red bridge looks spectacular at sunset, and it’s easy to book a boat ride right at that time to be in the water and look at one of the most stunning man-made structures in the world. 

Formally the tallest and longest suspension bridge in the world, it may be a little scary to drive across. That’s why the boat ride beneath the bridge in the bay as the sun is setting is perfect. Peaceful, relaxing, and something pictures can’t do justice. 


Whale Watching

For 99 percent of the country, a whale isn’t something you see every day on your way home from work. A trip out to Boston is the perfect chance for animal lovers to get up close with the largest animals in the world. The coastline of Boston is filled with these stunning and breathtaking creatures.

Seeing a whale up close is something you couldn’t possibly forget. Not only is it indescribably, but some even consider it majestic. Take advantage of the opportunity to see these creatures because it’s not every day you’ll have the chance to get that close to one. 

Fenway Tour

If you’re a sports fanatic already going to Boston for the NBA Finals, why not visit another one of the city’s team’s ballparks. The Boston Red Sox has been around since 1901, and their stadium, Fenway Park, has been in Boston since 1912. The over 100-year history of the stadium has a historic feel no other ballpark can replicate. 

If the Red Sox are playing, double down on your sports weekend and see Trevor Story, Rafael Devers, J.D. Martinez, and the rest of the club. Even if the team is out of town, the stadium still gives out tours almost every day. You may even be able to check out exclusive areas like the dugout, the bullpen, and the clubhouse!


Whether you are planning to see the Celtics take on the Warriors in Boston, San Francisco, or both, lucky for you, both cities have some incredible things to do for your time before and after the game. 

The summer months make each city even more gorgeous, opening up the possibilities to even more. As your trip revolves around basketball, don’t forget to enjoy the cities the game is taking place in, as they are both some of the most amazing cities in the country. 

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