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Casino Games Designed with a Female Audience in Mind

It is no secret that there are many slot machine games out there that may appeal to those of a particular gender. Anyone who has spent more than five minutes browsing through an online casino cannot help but be made aware of the gender divide that exists in the online casino industry.

That being said, many of the most popular games available today, such as Book of Dead, Starburst, Gonzo’s Quest and Hall of Gods, are not in any way gender oriented but instead appeal to the user’s sense of adventure, novelty and potential. As there are targeted games, however, it is worth checking out the games that have been designed for women – or that are particularly well-suited to women.

Starlight Kiss

Slot machine games are certainly a favorite with gamblers of all genders, and this includes women. It is also no surprise that the best online casino bonuses available will typically include a number of free spins in addition to other prizes and offers.

Some of the slot machine games that are most popular with women are the romantically-themed slots such as Starlight Kiss, Lucky Valentine, Heart of Romance and Enchanted Prince. These are all fun, light-hearted slots that give players the same feeling as watching a Jane Austen adaptation or listening to a Disney princess movie soundtrack.

Immortal Romance

For those who enjoy the darker side of romance, there are a number of delightfully Gothic and sexy slot machine games that are based on classic fantasy stories and romances. Immortal Romance looks to be loosely inspired by the Twilight franchise.

For games that are similar to Immortal Romance, check out Vampires vs Wolves, Vampire Diaries and Vampire: The Masquerade. All of these games focus more on the seductive, romantic aspect of vampires rather than the horror or gore.

Sex and the City

Maybe you already knew, maybe you did not, but there really is a Sex and the City slot machine game. This game may only appeal to fans of a certain age, but now that the reboot of the show is live, it will possibly appeal to an even larger audience. Either way, it is a fun, exciting slot machine game featuring cocktails and designer purses, and the show’s biggest stars.

Beetle Jewels

This is, simply put, a beautiful slot machine game. This game features gorgeous jeweled insects that look like they were taken from an ancient Egyptian sarcophagus – the insects are themselves framed by a beautiful lush forest.

There is certainly something to be said for aesthetic appeal, and the cooling blue and green colors of this game give it an entrancing aura. This is the sort of game that is both relaxing and beautiful.


Finally, poker is a fantastic game for women and it is hardly a surprise that there are now more and more professional female poker stars rising through the professional ranks. Poker stars such as Maria Ho, Vanessa Rousso and Tiffany Michelle have shown that poker is a game in which women can excel.

Many women have exceptional abilities when it comes to managing their cards, determining what cards other people have and sussing out what other people are doing. Women are also excellent with puzzles and strategies, and making lightning-fast decisions, so poker is a great choice for women who are looking for a new card game to try.

While there still are not as many female poker players as male, some have argued that all girls should be taught poker, and as the game becomes increasingly popular, it is likely that there will soon be a more equitable split.

Are there games to avoid?

You may well be wondering if there are any games that women may want to avoid. While women can of course play any and all games available online, there are some that are fairly distasteful and misogynistic. When it comes to slots, you may want to avoid all of the sexually-themed slot machine games, as many of these are pretty graphic in how they display women’s bodies.

Similarly, there are a number of “sexy” live casino games and platforms in which casino dealers are dressed (or undressed) in a provocative manner. The dealers are virtually all women and they regularly receive inappropriate messages from users.

While everyone has to make a living, this sort of digital environment is likely to make many women feel uncomfortable and also arguably encourages some men to objectify women. Hopefully, when these men are in real casinos, they are polite to the dealers, regardless of the dealer’s gender.

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