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Facial Expressions of a Supermodel. Not Named Zoolander

Aspiring Models Discovering Facial Expressions

You’re a new model and, so far, all your photo shoots and catwalks have all seen the same void facial expressions plastered on your face. Switching up facial expressions can be hard; requiring a lot more face time in front of the mirror. Cocking eyebrows and puckering lips- Stop!

Every aspiring model has had their fair share of Blue Steel moments; we’re either stuck in one pose or we believe we can pull anything off- neither of which is good. It is important to diversify your facial expressions; let people know you have layers, range, and versatility to your modeling potential.

Tips to Nail Supermodel Expressions

The last thing you want is a portfolio of Blue Steel poses. Don’t show up to your next photo shoot or catwalk empty handed! Try out these tips and poses to avoid a total Zoolander meltdown and nail the expressions of a super model.

1. Oh Natural!

Even a planned photo shoot can come across as organically crafted art if you implement your facial expressions just right. Keep your facial expressions as natural as possible, attempt a candid laugh or coy smile with eyes peering off just beyond the camera. As if conversing with a longtime friend or flirting with the Post man.

2. Smile with Your Eyes:

Keep your eye contact with the audience and camera to a minimum, but if you must, make it mesmerizing. A stunning smile of the eyes will exude glamour from across the room. Get creative with a hint of seductiveness as you peak an eyebrow and lift your chin.

3. Day Dreaming Dolls:

Everybody loves a whimsical shot as you embody calmness and serenity in each shot. Perfectly pampered and sentimental, you sit awaiting the next flawless shot which will bring you one more step closer to super model status.

4. Happiness is Key:

With full on head shots and off center poses, showing those pearly whites could make all the difference. Pulling your hair away from your face, smiling from ear to ear, you open your face up to new angles and lighting. You give off a sense of positivity and radiance that can definitely surpass photography and camera work, leaving little need for filters and image buffering.

5. Fish Gape:

Smiling can make your photographs seem peppy and upbeat, meanwhile a slight parting of the lips can ooze sex appeal or suggest a feeling of shock. Known as the Fish Gape, this subtle gesture can change the entire sentiment behind your photo or make for a fierce catwalk persona. Either way, it adds something new to your image and enhances your facial expression. This is a beloved trick of the most famed super models.

Don’t make the rookie mistake of supplying the infamous duck lip to every shot. Before heading to your next photo shoot, try executing a few of these tips in your mirror. With a few subtle changes and a little practice, you’re sure to nail facial expressions of a supermodel.

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