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Top 5 Places for Viva Glamorous Selfies

Captivating Destination Selfies

There is nothing more captivating than destination selfies! Making sure your eyebrows are on point is important, but a destination selfie offers timeless beauty and insight into your glamorous life abroad. Take advantage of the selfie stick and turn an ordinary selfie into a viral couture snap shot. Before planning your next vacation with friends, here are some Instagram-worthy destinations for Viva Glam’s selfie addicts.

1. Se La Vi in Paris

As is no surprise, the Eiffel Tower is one of the leading destinations for a creative selfie. Whether a romantic glimpse of Paris at night or a creative contrast on size dimensions, the Eiffel Tower has ranked number one out of the billions of destination snapshots.

2. A Stroll through London

Take the time out for a fun selfie in front of London’s timeless landmark Big Ben. This iconic clock tower, known locally as the Great Bell, was built in 1859 and is one of the most-prized locations in London. Meanwhile, when taking a famed tour on the grand buses, hop off nearby and grab a selfie with the acclaimed London Bridge.
Even though it might not offer much to the selfie, the sightings along the way are spectacular.

3. Disney World

Florida is more than the hottest spot for spring break, as you make time for family and friends to get lost in childhood wonders within the famed Disney World. Venturing through the Magical Kingdom and over to the Hollywood Studios, there are more than enough options to take quick selfies with your favorite characters.

4. Hitting the Big Apple

When in New York, there are outstanding
destinations for fabulous selfies. Taking advantage of great heights provided by the Empire State Building and the three-level observation deck of the Rockefeller Building, capture a breath taking view of the big city. Get out your selfie stick and share the spotlight with New York’s leading lady, the Statue of Liberty. Allow her to ignite the passion in your followers to double tap your Instagram posts.

5. When in Rome

Honor the fashion gods by taking selfies that kill like the Romans did back in the day. Rome is one of the most preserved historical destinations in the world. The famed amphitheater, Flavius, is one of its largest landmarks; holding more than 55,000 spectators during its historic fights and gladiator shows. With beautifully hand-carved statues and inspirational architecture down every street, Rome offers an abundance of great Instagram-worthy pictures to share with your Instagram community.

Explore the World for Glamorous Selfies

While these are just a few of the most captivating destinations in the world to snap a glamorous selfie, the world is full of fabulous locations worthy of Instagram snap shots. Among other high-ranking destinations were the Bahamas, Buckingham Palace, and the Sydney Opera house in Australia as the list goes on.

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