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How to Make Your Man Worship You

While women have been fighting through history to get equal rights and equal pay as men (and have always been a peg down in that regard), we have also had a secret leg up behind the scenes. Throughout history, we have always found a way to drive men crazy. The thrall of some women has been enough to allegedly start wars (think about Helen of Troy). Think about it, certain women can walk into a room, immediately draw attention from everyone, and have men doing everything she asks for without even blinking an eye. How does she do that? It’s not all sex appeal- it’s an element of her being. We all want to have our man worship the ground we walk on. How can we make this fantasy a reality? Read on to get tips and tricks to make your man worship you.

It’s All About Confidence

Confidence is the key to everything. Most people don’t even realize it, but the most attractive quality one can have (whether they be man or woman) is confidence. Now, you absolutely have to back this up with substance, but confidence plays a vital role in getting your man to be all about you. Never doubt your motives or second guess yourself. Have faith in all the decisions you are making, and the world will miraculously seem like a different place. Know that you are beautiful, intelligent, and charming just the way you are. Embrace your flaws. Know that though you are confident, you are not perfect. But have faith that doesn’t matter. Love yourself and your flaws, and confidence will exude from you.

Now, we should note that there is a difference between confidence and arrogance. Don’t gloat, brag, or think too highly of yourself either. If you are confident, you don’t need to tell everyone how great you are. They will see it for themselves. Talking too much about yourself crosses the line into arrogance and will ruin your lure. So, be sure to exude confidence and stay a little mysterious in the process.


It is harder said than done to just be confident. I know it’s something many people fight with every day. An easy way to start building your confidence is to focus on having the best posture you can. Don’t hunch over. Straighten your back, roll up your shoulders, and walk with your head lifted. Having confident posture even helps you set the mood to feel truly confident. Think about it, when you are hunched over, you feel small. When you are standing all, you feel, well, tall and ready to take on the world. Keep your head up, your shoulders back, and your breasts pointed out. As Gillian Lynne used to say, “Let your nipple lead”. This posture alone will allow you to exude confidence and feel it, too.

Highlight Your Best Features

As with your confidence and posture, you don’t want to pretend to be someone else, but you do want to highlight your best features. Are you eyes mesmerizing? Highlight them with darker eye makeup so they truly stand out. Do you have nice cheekbones? Highlight your cheekbones so they stand out even more. Don’t sculpt yourself into someone new, rather accent the best features you have.

Ask a friend to help you come up with your best qualities- both physically and personality wise. Focus on these things! See how you can enhance the things that are already special about you. If there are things you don’t like or want to change, focus on taking a little time each day to meditate and focus on YOU. We can easily break bad habits by being aware of them and focusing on fixing them a little each day. But be sure you are changing for yourself only! YOU need to feel confident most of all to make your man worship you.

Be Yourself

In the end, don’t play a part. Be the best version of yourself. If your man loves you, it’s because he fell for YOU- your personality and your flaws as they natural are. So, you have to be yourself and love yourself. And your man will gladly do the same. He will worship you when you have the confidence that you are worth worshiping.


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