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How to Make Your Hair Grow Using Natural Ingredients

No feat can seem more daunting than growing out your hair. Unless you’re naturally blessed with super fast-growing hair, it can take months to years for your hair to grow to a desired length. Sometimes, it feels like it just stops at a certain point. The struggle is real. While we try as many quick fixes and hair-growth products, nothing seems to work. Trimming regularly can only go so far, as well. Unfortunately, those Instagram famous hair gummies rarely ever seem to work in reality. So, what can we do? When in doubt, always turn to nature. These few natural ingredients have proven to give visible results and make your hair grow faster naturally. We’ve put them to the test, and it’s time for you to give these cures a try!

Peppermint Oil

If you look into any of your favorite hair-growth products, you’re almost guaranteed to find this in there. Peppermint Oil gives a very cooling effect that stimulates your hair follicles to grow. Now, this is a very intense ingredient so you definitely have to dilute it. Mix it with equal parts water, and then apply it to your roots as a mask for about 20-30 minutes before washing your hair. Be warned, this can feel pretty intense, but the results are so worth it.

Rosemary Oil

Another frequent hair growth favorite is rosemary! Rosemary oil works to seriously get the blood circulating to your scalp. When using this, you’ll notice it smells like a spa, so why not embrace that? The recommended use for rosemary oil is to massage it into your scalp for a while before letting it sit. The massage motions are going to intensify the blood circulation and give you faster results!

Aloe Vera

Ah, the infamous fix-it-all natural ingredient! Aloe Vera really is a miracle worker, and it works especially well when it comes to hair growth. You can either buy the gel sold as long as it claims to be 100% aloe vera or, if you’d rather go raw, then you can simply buy the plant and get the gel yourself. Apply this as a hair mask regularly to help with hair growth. Another unique use would be to dilute it with some water and spritz it through your hair daily. It’ll give you some extra shine while helping your hair grow!

Coconut Oil

Yet another all rounder, coconut oil really does do it all. It can double as a makeup remover, a moisturizer, a cuticle oil and even a hair mask! Using natural oils on your hair is guaranteed to give you healthier and stronger hair! Coconut oil has been proven to penetrate your hair best, and that allows it to get right to the root and promote healthier and faster hair growth!


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