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How to Find the Perfect Wedding Ring for Your Future Wife

There is nothing more special than the moment you slip the ring onto the finger of your wife.  You have just agreed to be with her for the rest of your life, and now you are sealing it with this band of precious metal.  Finding the perfect ring will crown this most significant moment.  How can you make sure you make all the right choices?  Let’s take you through some advice from our professionals at Earth Star Diamonds.

Buy the Rings Together

Unlike the engagement ring, which is likely to be the sole responsibility of the future husband, the wedding ring can be a more collaborative process.  When the date for the wedding has been set, and the plans are in place, you could attend the jewelers as a couple.  To make your day more special, it could be that you purchase matching bands, though this is in no way necessary.

However, it may be that you want to make sure when buying the engagement ring that it will be complemented by the wedding band.  Therefore, you may want to plan.  If you are going to have a simple band, then an exuberant diamond engagement ring might be just the perfect accompaniment.   However, an engagement ring that is too pretentious may impact on the power of your wedding band.

Set Some Parameters

If you are going to go it alone without your partner, then you need to be sure of the parameters of your choice, particularly for the engagement ring.  You should look at the ring choices your future partner has worn before.  Do they seem to prefer simplicity? Do they prefer gemstones over diamonds; platinum over gold?  Make a list of patterns of choice in the jewellery case and take these with you to the shop to help you when the questions begin.

Part of the parameters of your search will be the budget.  Obviously, there is no price on love, but there is a significant financial cost attached to a wedding.  This is already an expensive time, and you cannot have a limitless budget.  Although you are shopping for a symbol of your love, you really need to select it with your head rather than your heart.  Any form of stone or engraving is going to cost a significant amount more than a simple band.  The engraving will be based on the number of letters and whether it needs to be hand-engraved or can be done by a machine. 

Reflect on Your Partner’s Lifestyle

The hope is that your future wife will wear these rings every day for the rest of her life.  Therefore, you need a ring that fits her personality and lifestyle.  If she is a sports person, a musical instrument player, or someone who works daily with their hands, then you will need to consider this when making your choice.  For instance, it is possible to get a slimmer ring with rounded edges that would sit more comfortably on the finger. 

If the ring needs to come on and off a lot for work or play, then it is best to avoid gemstones or diamonds, which although sat firmly in the casing can become loosened with continual pressing and pulling.  If your partner is always on the go and may get dirty hands, choosing platinum will offer an extra durable option.

Don’t worry if your needs for your ring are different from your future wife’s needs.  Although it is sometimes fitting to have matching bands, it is also sometimes appropriate to mix it up.  You may want a ring that represents each other’s individuality rather than appearing the same.

Long-Term Quality

When you marry, there will be trends and fads for what rings you should buy.  But you are making a long-term commitment; therefore, you need to consider classic timelessness over current trends.  Although there is nothing to stop you choosing different wedding bands in the future, you will need a special occasion to justify swapping out the meaning attached to the jewellery.

You also need to make sure that the quality is right.  You are looking for two marks inside the band.  The first mark is the manufacturer’s trademark.  This means the manufacturer is willing to stamp the work and use this as a mark of quality.  You also want the quality mark, whether it is 24K or PLAT, proving the metal is what has been sold to you.


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