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Fitness Hacks to Help You Exercise Regularly

We all know that working out can greatly benefit our bodies. However, exercising regularly is not an easy task. Most of us will find an excuse to skip a workout, especially knowing that we will feel some muscle soreness and body aches the following day. Nonetheless, if you’re really determined to achieve your body transformation goals, here are some fitness hacks to help you exercise regularly.


Exercising regularly is a bit challenging, especially if you perceive it as a chore or a tedious task. For this reason, always choose enjoyable exercises when creating your fitness program. This is especially true if you’re a beginner. Remember, it will take a lot of effort to finish a certain activity if you’re not having fun. You don’t have to follow trending training programs to be fit. If you’re uncomfortable with high-intensity exercises, you can opt for yoga, tai chi or brisk walking. The important part is that you’re regularly moving and having fun at the same time.


Most of us are familiar with the positive feeling an upbeat song can bring. Because of this effect, creating an uplifting workout playlist is one of the most effective fitness hacks to help you exercise regularly. This effect was shown in a study wherein the participants experienced an increase in exercise duration when they listened to music.

Overall, an upbeat song will not only encourage you to exercise. The right workout playlist can also help boost your performance. However, not all songs can provide these benefits. Ideally, you have to pick tunes with 128 to 135 beats per minute (BPM) if you’re doing cardio and resistance training. On the other hand, songs with 100 BPM and below are best for low-intensity activities like yoga.


Setting short-term and achievable goals can make us focused and driven. But, most of us fail to achieve our fitness goals because of a disheartened spirit caused by an injury, impatience, or lack of results. One way to keep your fire burning is to monitor and celebrate your weekly progress. However, when tracking your improvements, try to stick to one or two factors like mileage, body measurements, or the number of sets and reps. Monitoring too many things can be overwhelming, which may eventually slay your motivation.


One of the most valuable fitness hacks to help you exercise regularly is to avoid doing the same workout routine over and over again. This practice will not only lead to boredom. It can also sabotage your weight loss goals. Remember, your body can adapt to physical stress and become stronger with continuous workouts. Afterward, your exercise routine will no longer provide results once your muscles have adjusted. To avoid a weight loss or fitness plateau, experts recommend increasing your intensity or changing exercises every four to six weeks. Joining or trying new fitness trends or programs like barre workouts can also help avoid boredom and keep your body guessing.


Aromatherapy has numerous benefits. One, in particular, is the mood and energy-boosting effects of some scents. In fact, a lot of yoga studios use essential oils like lavender to help the students reach a relaxed state of mind. For strength training and cardio workouts, you can try citrus oils such as orange, lemon, and grapefruit. Peppermint oil is another excellent scent that can boost your stamina and relieve muscle soreness.


In addition to those fitness hacks to help you exercise regularly, another great tip is to train with a friend, partner, or significant other.

Some people prefer exercising alone to avoid distractions. However, if you need an extra push, you and your workout buddy can motivate and encourage each other. In fact, having a support system is a typical reason a lot of people join group fitness classes. Plus, being with other people will definitely add some enjoyment to your workouts.


Finally, allowing your body to rest and recuperate is also necessary to build strong muscles and complete your fitness program. Remember, lack of motivation is a sign that you’re exercising too much. This occurs due to the rise in cortisol (stress hormone) levels, which may negatively affect your mood, immunity, and exercise performance. Aside from resting, meditating can also help lower your cortisol levels.


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