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How to Feel Healthier in Just One Week

Are you not succeeding in reaching your fitness goals? Are you having trouble following a strict diet? You might be setting your goals too high to quickly, or you might just need to set aside time for yourself to become

Following these recommendations does not mean that you will become a fitness model overnight, but it can certainly help you start feeling better in just one week.

Drink enough water

Since it regulates the shape of each cell within the body, water is essential. If your body does not receive a necessary amount, the levels in your system can be altered. Therefore, the recommendation is to choose water as the drink in your meals, instead of going for sugary drinks, which only contribute to weight gain.

Avoid liquid diets

If you are considering a “detox” or “cleansing juice” drink, it is best to think twice.

Drinking only water, juice, or any other liquefied mixture for more than a few days, can set you up for unhealthy eating behaviors, and this practice often leads to spikes and lows in your blood sugar levels, which can generate cravings and abrupt changes in your overall mood.

Reduce sodium intake

For starters, do not drown your sushi in soy sauce. Too much salt in your diet can cause bloating and heaviness, so reducing your sodium intake can bring immediate benefits to your health.

Avoid eliminating certain food groups from your diet

There is a difference between lowering the consumption of what you eat and the prohibition of certain food groups altogether. Diets that depend on avoiding the things you tend to eat in excess or banning certain food groups, can usually bring you more problems than benefits.

Diets that depend on eliminating ingredients (such as sugar or gluten) can lead to replacing those things with other ingredients that play the same role in the body (such as honey or corn-based foods); but doing so may be dangerous, since the majority of the replacement products are deficient in nutrients.

Fill yourself with fiber

Fresh, high-fiber vegetables such as broccoli, peppers and brussels sprouts, popularly known as superfoods, are a great source of key vitamins and nutrients, including fiber, which helps you feel full and satisfied until the end of the day.

Whole plant-based foods (fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, nuts, and seeds) are the best. A quick way to add extra fiber to your day is by adding chia, hemp or flaxseed on whatever you’re eating to give it that extra push.

Do not rely on powders and pills

The problem with diet powders and pills is that they often take something that was once a complete food, such as a fruit or vegetable, and then process it to separate an ingredient. That’s only good for things like cocoa powder, which have nutrients, but should not make up the bulk of your dietary intake.

Once you implement these tips, you’ll find setting larger goals for your well being will be a lot easier to attain!

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