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5 Healthy Hair Tips for a Voluminous Look

“Healthy,” and “Voluminous” are two key words we all lust after when thinking about our hair. No matter what type of hair you have, no matter what your hair struggle, we all seem to strive for healthy and voluminous hair. Those two things will always be in trend, and they will always seem impossible to achieve!

Sure, you might be able to fake the volume. But wouldn’t it be so much easier if we just worked on a healthy way to get your hair quality to improve and not have to fake it? Isn’t the dream to naturally achieve a healthy and voluminous look? Well, let’s make this dream a reality. We’ve put together a list of our favorite healthy hair tips for a voluminous look. You can thank us later!

  1. Greens are Key

Beauty really does come from within! If you want to start seeing results on the outside, it’s all about watching what you’re putting inside yourself. As with most beauty issues, what you eat has a direct effect on you. If you’re looking for fuller, voluminous hair then it is all about the greens. Spinach, kale, you name it. Packing in the greens is going to give you visible results over time!

  1. Pre-Brush

A lot of our hair naturally has volume. We just do a lot to counteract it! One of the worst things that can seriously flatten out your hair is when you brush it. Brushing your wet hair straight out of the shower is the worst thing you can do for it! Stick to brushing your hair pre-wash and then it’ll be tangle-free and you won’t have to smooth it down afterwards. This is such an easy tip to see an instant change in your hair’s volume!

  1. Massage Your Way to Volume

This one has to be our personal fave! It turns out that giving yourself a relaxing head massage actually gives your hair results. Whether while in the shower or before you style your hair, massaging your scalp instantly gives your hair some extra lift. You’ll see a visible difference which is great, but that’s not why we do it! Massaging your scalp stimulates hair growth and overtime it’ll make your hair grow faster and thicker!

  1. Give It a Few Days

If you wash your hair everyday, stop. Just stop! Please. Constantly washing your hair is going to obviously mean you have the same fresh flat hair every day. The trick to naturally getting voluminous hair is to leave it and use dry shampoo instead! Over-washing your hair thins it out and makes it greasier and greasier over time. Mattify your roots instead and live in your hair for a few days before your next wash- it’ll be much more voluminous and you’ll save some time in the morning!

  1. The Upside Down Braid

Now, this one may feel a bit silly to do- but trust us it’s worth it! Before heading to bed, take a few moments to put your hair into some braids…While hanging upside down. Now, stay with us. Braiding your hair loosely while upside down gives your hair some extra lift. Sleeping in it is what secures the voluminous look. Undo the braid when you wake up and you’ll have some natural elevation as well as some beachy waves- no heat used!


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