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Ways to Tame Static Hair and Fly-Aways

A common hair problem, especially during a cold weather, is static hair. Basically, this condition occurs when your tresses have tons of positively-charged electrons and not enough negative electrons. As a result, your strands repel each other, leading to fly-aways and unmanageable locks. But, don’t worry. You can easily solve this dilemma by following these ways to tame static hair.

1. Avoid Over Washing Your Hair

As you know, over washing is the most common cause of dry strands. Coupled with low temperature, you have the perfect formula to create static hair. Thus, it is crucial to allow your natural oils to moisturize your tresses. You can achieve this by washing your hair every other day.

Aside from that, you should also avoid using clarifying shampoos when the temperature is lower. As you know, this type of shampoo is strong, which may cause dryness. This is also true for products containing sulfates, parabens, and silicones.

2. Nourish and Moisturize Your Strands

One of the best ways to tame static hair is to always nourish and moisturize your tresses. As you know, there are numerous ways to lock the moisture in your strands.

First, always apply a conditioner after washing your hair. Aside from that, applying some leave-in conditioner or natural oils like avocado and argan oil can also seal the moisture and protect your tresses throughout the day. If these products are unavailable, rubbing a little bit of hand moisturizer can also result in a frizz-free hair. Lastly, it is also necessary to deep condition your hair once a week. By doing this weekly treatment, you can keep your strands shiny, strong, and well-hydrated.

3. Ditch Your Regular Towel

As much as possible, beauty experts recommend drying your hair naturally. However, using regular towels can lead to static hair. Basically, your traditional towel can damage and absorb most of the water in your tresses. Instead, try using a microfiber towel. If you don’t have this type of cloth, you can always use a cotton T-shirt as a substitute.

4. Say No to Plastic Combs

Another effective method in this list of ways to tame static hair is to avoid using plastic combs. Apparently, plastic can generate static electricity. As such, combs made from this material can make your hair problems worse. Instead, you can use metal or wooden combs. These products can reduce the build-up static electricity in your strands.

Moreover, a wide-tooth comb is preferable compared to closely held bristles. The main reason is that the former creates less friction, thus less static hair.

5. Use an Ionic Blow Dryer

Using a blow dryer can certainly help make your tresses manageable and static-free. But, if you have some extra money, you can buy the latest hair styling tool – the ionic blow dryer. This device emits negatively-charged electrons to help break down water molecules. As a result, you can tame static and fly away hair without damaging your strands.

If you only have a regular dryer, don’t worry. You can still prevent damage by using low heat and finishing off with the “cool shot” setting. Through this, you can also make your strand shiny and manageable.

6. Spritz some Hydrating Hair Mist

Aside from those above-mentioned ways to tame static hair, using a hydrating mist is another option you can try. Through this handy item, you can keep your strands moisturized throughout the day. However, you have to opt for alcohol-free products that can cause dryness.

You can also create your own hydrating mist by mixing rosewater (95 ml) and vegetable glycerin (5 ml). Spritzing this solution will certainly help get rid of static and fly away hair in few minutes.

7. Apply Water to Your Strands

The simplest solution in this list is to spritz or rub some water on your hair. This method may seem unsophisticated and less efficient compared to the other products in this list. But, this technique can quickly fix your messy tresses. Remember, water can moisturize your strands and neutralize static electricity.

Overall, every person will experience static and fly away hair, especially during the winter season. Fortunately, you can try any of the following methods to manage your strands. But, that’s not the only benefit you can gain. Following these tips can also result in healthy and lustrous tresses.


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