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How Getting Your Cosmetology School Degree Can Be Great For Your Career

When taking up a cosmetology program, topics that are generally discussed usually involve skin care, manicure and pedicure, makeup application, and hairstyling and coloring. Being a student in cosmetology, you’ll have the opportunity to help others look their best. By taking an associate degree in cosmetology, you’ll get an in-depth knowledge of how this industry benefits you and how you can maximize those benefits. This will enable you to acquire the necessary skills that go further than what the confines of a salon may offer. The skills required for this industry will inevitably evolve, thus the opportunities are limitless.

Here are some things that you can look forward to when pursuing a career with a cosmetology degree:

Endless Opportunities To Apply Your Talent in The Realm of Beautification

Career prospects are looking good for students taking up cosmetology regardless of which route they decide to pursue. To name a few, these are some of the career paths cosmetology students can follow after graduating. You may visit a cosmetology school Spokane, for instance, for details on how to start a beauty career.

  • Nail Specialist   

If you frequent social media, you may have noticed numerous videos in your newsfeed or recommended section featuring incredible nail art. That is one career making considerable noise in this industry. People invest a lot of their hard-earned cash to get their nails done, both on their hands and feet. If you have a knack for intricate nail designs, being a nail specialist can work wonders for you. Unique and intricate nail art may even make you a popular name on social media platforms through vlogging.

  • Esthetician

If you choose the salon route, being an esthetician may be an excellent path for you. This profession does more than just hair and makeup. The job description applies whether you work for your salon or someone else’s. Its primary focus is on skincare and grooming different types of hair and skin. Since you will be dealing with different individuals each with varying needs, it is wise to invest in learning additional skills like acne treatment, exfoliation, massage, and other personal body care treatments. That can open another door for you as a personal beauty and lifestyle consultant.

  • Salon Proprietor

Once you have completed your licensing requirements, you can choose to be self-employed and manage your own salon. Your degree will equip you with the necessary knowledge in running a salon or spa treatment that includes procedures for proper sanitation and essential safety. Taking up a degree in cosmetology will also teach you basic management skills, organizational skills, and customer service that will prepare you as you start running your own business. Those skills can help you develop a brand or niche for your potential customers to patronize. Having your own salon will eventually make its connections to different salon distributors and other stylists in this industry. The possibilities are endless!

  • Professional Makeup Artist

This career is enjoyable, especially for those who are into pop culture and entertainment. There are different areas where you can make use of your talents, such as in theater (which most likely applies more dramatic makeup), television, and commercials with a subtle and natural look, and film, which may require special effects. This can be fun and it pays well, too.

  • Beauty Influencer

When you are already a skillful hair and makeup artist with a natural talent for writing and creating content, being a social media beauty influencer can work for you. Like any other career, it will first take a lot of work before you make it big. But your determination and expertise can surely take you places. If you are camera-shy to be a vlogger, you can share your knowledge and innovation by writing. Social media platforms have proven to be a useful tool in reaching your demographics.

The Right Avenue To Showcase Your Creativity

The beauty industry empowers you to be explorative and bold. Makeup, hairstyling, or nail styling can be compared to other forms of arts like painting. It’s limitless and inspirational with decent pay, not to mention the control you have over your schedule. Make sure that you get the best education there is. For instance, if you’re in the Idaho area, then there are cosmetology schools in Idaho that you can look into.

The Potential To Become An Industry Leader

If you maximize your talent using your social media accounts, you have the potential to become a leader in this industry. A lot of simple makeup gurus who started with a few likes and followers on YouTube and Instagram are now makeup brand ambassadors. If you are innovative and dedicated to your craft, you may also be one of them.Your degree in cosmetology can also give you that added boost of credibility, which can help you position yourself as an authority figure in the beauty industry.


Unlike other careers, getting a degree in cosmetology can be completed in two years. You may even get your degree or certification online. Majoring in cosmetology can take you to different directions, so there is no reason not to invest in this degree. In line with that are the associations and organizations you can join that offers resources, continued education, and news to keep you up-to-date on the latest trends.


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