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Is Bingo A Woman’s Game?

Gambling has often been associated more with the male population. After all, you are more likely to see a row of men on the slot machines than a row of women, but there are certain games that attract a more female crowd. Bingo is one of them. With the likes of online bingo sites and Bingo halls been made exclusive to the female crowd, it is easy to locate the main course of the market. However, there are gender-neutral bingo sites such as mFortune which welcome players from both sexes. Let’s look at the details.

The Bingo Demographic

Bingo is a game that is easy to understand and great fun to play, which means it has the ability to attract a diverse crowd. But does it? Bingo has often been seen as a game associated with the older generations. The demographics of people playing bingo suggest this to be true when bingo is played in physical locations such as Bingo halls. However, the tides turn when it comes to online Bingo. Most players with an online Bingo account are much younger, between the ages of 25 to 34.

Bingo players are likely to enjoy other forms of gambling, but most often these will be The National Lottery and scratch cards rather than trips to the casino. So, what about gender? The ties between females and playing Bingo remain to be intact, with more females playing the game. In recent years the gap between the number of female and male Bingo players has somewhat closed in – and there are good reasons why this has happened.

Why More Men are Playing Bingo

The decision for more men may have occurred for a number of reasons. One of them may be related to the fact more younger people are starting to play Bingo. If it is becoming popular among younger generations because of the accessibility of online Bingo from a laptop or smartphone, this would appeal to more tech-embracing males, as well. Males may even find the discreteness of online Bingo more appealing as they do not have to wrestle with toxic masculinity, such as people judging them for partaking in a predominantly female leisure activity.

Another reason almost certainly comes down to marketing. There are many online Bingo sites and Bingo halls that are exclusively for women. However, providers have rebranded and marketed their site or hall to be more inclusive. Some are even countering the female stereotype by making marketing campaigns overly masculine.

68 – Grab A Mate

Bingo remains a game dominated by women, but they are now joined by more men than ever before. If you are a guy, grab a mate and head down the local bingo hall or check out some of the best online bingo sites. There is no reason why women should be having all the fun – start playing today!


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