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How CBD Helps with Menstruation Pain

CBD is an exciting new empire taking the health market by storm. By now, it’s almost impossible that you haven’t heard of the CBD phenomenon. CBD has many exciting benefits and is used as an anti-inflammatory, to calm anxiety, to help with epilepsy, to treat acne, to treat nausea, and as a natural pain reliever. By working with your body’s own Endocannabinoid system, it seems to be a miraculous fix for countless ailments.

For those who aren’t sure what exactly CBD oil is, according to Healthcare Weekly, “CBD oil is extracted from the hemp strain of the cannabis plant. CBD happens to be the second most abundant cannabinoid in hemp, representing a maximum of 40% of what is extracted from the plant.” A good CBD product will have a very small amount of THC, so you don’t need to worry about getting high while taking CBD oil. Instead, it provides you with the numerous benefits mentioned above and actually counteracts the effects of THC.

Now-a-days, CBD can be found in health and wellness stores in tincture, capsule, and gummy forms to provide relief from many aliments. It is also found in beauty products, as well as in pet products to provide benefits for your fur babies. 

Of course, one of the main benefits of CBD is that it is a pain killer. That plays a key part in calming your menstruation pain. It gives you the same relief you could get from a pill but it provides relief in a natural way.  First, it is important to know that it is very easy to ingest. So, you can easily take it with your morning coffee, and that’s a great way to take it. Here’s a guide that explains that process.

CBD and Menstruation Pain

After you have ingested the CBD oil, here’s how it works to ease your menstruation pain. First, CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, so any areas such as your breasts or abdomen that get tender and inflamed during your cycle will be provided relief from the discomfort of inflammation. Next, by treating nausea and improving your digestive system, it can actually help counteract your body’s bloating, allowing you to feel relief. By working with your body’s natural Endocannabinoid system, CBD has been shown to help to balance out your hormones, as well, causing a quell to your mood swings. In other words, CBD is a true hero and natural fix during your menstrual cycle.

How Long Does it Take to Work?

The way you ingest the CBD will affect how long it takes to affect your body, so it is important to consider that. For days where you are menstruating, you will want quick relief. So, if taken with your morning coffee as suggested, you should feel the effects within an hour. According to DailyCBDMag, “Since it’s dissolving into the body under the tongue, the effects of the CBD can be felt quickly. It’s typical to start feeling them under an hour. However, the drawback is because it is so quick to absorb, it won’t take as long to exit the body either.” So, be sure to have your CBD tincture drops nearby or in your purse as you are menstruating so you can drop them under your tongue as you feel the effects ware off.

All in all, CBD is a great tool to have for your health and especially at your disposal when you are on your period. Try it out for yourself and learn how it reacts with your body’s Endocannabinoid system so you can adjust your routine to your body’s reactions.


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