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Innovations Changing Our Period For the Better

Not so long ago, if you menstruated the only options you had for dealing with it were pads or tampons. Neither were great, they were terrible for the environment, and they were just so darned unpleasant. Lucky for women though, there are now lots of newer, environmentally conscious and more comfortable options for you to choose from. From medication by Express Pharmacy to apps, here are the five of the best that have changed a woman’s period for the better

  • Conscious Tampons

Have you seen what’s in your average drug store tampon? Probably not, as no ingredients that companies use to make them are required to be listed by the FDA. That’s a scary thought, when they contain ingredients such as bleach, toxins, and other nasties that you really don’t want inside of you.

There are several tampon brands that are changing this up by offering only pure cotton, sustainable tampons. Lola, Tampon Tribe, and Conscious Period all work by creating safe and sustainable tampons. They then deliver them right to your door, every month. It’s a much better way to have a period.

  • Thinx Panties

Panties that can replace your tampons or pads? Yes, it’s possible. These panties are designed with your period in mind. They’ll keep you dry and leak free, and they’re totally washable and reusable. It means no more cotton and plastic going into landfill, and you save thousands of dollars. Seriously, add it up. If you’re not too sure about them being able to handle your period, try them out as a backup.

  • Diva Cup

Menstrual cups aren’t anything new, but in recent years they have really come into their own. The Diva Cup is the current market leader, and something that you really must try. Made of a soft silicone, this cup is inserted into the vaginal canal, much like a tampon. The difference is that rather than replacing it, you empty it, wash it, then place it back in. You’ll save a huge amount of cash as these can last for up to ten years! They’re super secure as well, so you never have to be scared about leaks.

  • Flex

This menstrual disc is designed as an alternative option to the menstrual cup. It’s a disposable disc that collects fluid
and can be worn for up to 12 hours depending on your flow. The difference is that it’s worn at the base of your cervix, rather than in the vaginal canal? The bonus? Mess free period sex! If that’s ever bothered you, you’ve found your answer.

  • Knixteen

Knixteen is brand that makes period panties, except they specialize in the teen market. Their junior range of period underwear comes in three different styles: bikini, boyshort, and the sleepover. Guaranteed to protect you from menstrual leaks, odor, and moisture, Knixteen’s period panties are a confidence-building, menstruation essential. Basically, Knixteen is there to deal with all the annoying stuff that comes with being a teen, so young girls can focus on being awesome.

  • Period Apps

The app revolution has come with an unexpected bonus, the creation of the period app. Head into the app store, and you’ll see a huge range of period tracking apps available to you. They’re perfect for keeping track of your period, and super helpful when a doctor needs to know when your last cycle was. Plus, you’ll never be surprised attacked by your period again. Hurrah!

Any of these products are well worth a try if you’re looking for something different. Give them a go and see what you think.


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