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  • Natural Remedies to Manage PMS

    Many of us are familiar with the mood swings, headaches, bloating and pain that come with PMS. Possibly the worst part...

    BeautyMegan TaylorAugust 11, 2020
  • How CBD Helps with Menstruation Pain

    CBD is an exciting new empire taking the health market by storm. By now, it’s almost impossible that you haven’t heard...

    HealthvivaglamDecember 4, 2019
  • How Cannabis Helps with Menstruation Pain

    Bloating, cramps, pains, and aches are just a few of the dreaded symptoms accompanying the menstrual cycle, commonly referred to as...

    WellnessvivaglamNovember 19, 2019
  • Natural Ways to Relieve Menstrual Cramps

    Most women experience an uncomfortable feeling in their lower abdomen and back when menstruating. The main reason for this is that...

    HealthMaria Dolores GarciaJune 17, 2019
  • Self-Care Rituals to Help PMS

    Most women feel a lot of discomforts a week before or during their menstruation, which can range from food cravings and...

    HealthMaria Dolores GarciaOctober 12, 2018