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Glam it Up with These Head-to-Toe Summer Essentials

Summer is here! And that means it’s time to get your summer glam on. When planning your summer look, it’s important to notice every detail from head to toe. So, I’m here to talk about my favorite summer essentials from head-to-toe and give you inspiration to create the best looks you can this summer- even if there aren’t that many places we can go yet.

Head: Windle & Moodie Matte Texture Spray

This invisible spray instantly brings flat hair to life. Containing Spirulina to help seal in moisture, this professional brand, Windle & Moodie, is tailored to the health and eco-conscious consumer. Instead of a traditional hair spray, which could dehydrate your hair, use this one to seal in moisture. The sun will surely be hot on your head, so be sure to protect it with extra hydration. Your hair won’t be sticky, but it will still have a nice glam look. And this product is 100% vegan and gluten free.

Head: Cashmere Hair Extensions

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If you weren’t gifted with thick or full hair, or if your hair simply keeps breaking so you can’t get the length you desire, why not grab the newly-launched Seamless Extensions by Cashmere Hair? These clip-in pieces are designed for women with finer hair compared to their classic clip-ins which are designed for medium to fuller hair. Sometimes a little something extra – like length- will make a huge difference for your summer glam.

Face: Masque Bar- It All Starts with Skincare

A glam face starts with the basics- your skin. This summer, I have been refreshing my face with face masks. Specifically, I have loved using the Masque Bar Gold Hydrogel Eye Mask, as it helps prevent both dark spots and aging. The Coconut Water Cream Mask is another great mast that helps to moisturize and smooth skin. Masque Bar creates an array of face and body masks; they have something for almost any skin issue you are looking to correct. In the summer, when the heat is so intense, all our skin could use a little something extra.

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Face: Makeup

Moving away from the recent “banana makeup” trend, instead of going for funky, bright colors, go back to your warm, neutral tones with Sormé to emphasize your natural beauty rather than having bright colors overshadowing your natural beauty. Don’t be afraid to smoke it out with the Game Changer eyeliner in black. This eyeliner works as a great base to line your eyes with black eyeshadow. For my look, I used the Sormé Accented Hues Eyeshadow Palette. Smudge the look to add more sassiness to it. Since this look is all about the eyes, keep your lips as close as possible to your natural lip color but still frame them nicely with the Sormé Lipliner Pencil in ‘Baby Doll’ which is smear proof, so it’s perfect for the summer heat. I finished off my lips with the Lip Rescue Tinted Balm by applying it directly in the center of my lips for much-needed moisture.

Body: Watch

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Rose gold is very in right now in both fashion and beauty. It adds a chic spark to your overall look. Instead of wearing a bunch of bracelets and accessories, opt for one statement piece in rose gold—a Nordgreen watch. Purchasing a Nordgreen watch helps give money back to the environment, as well as to frontline workers, so it’s the perfect watch to wear this summer! If you don’t prefer the metal option, get one with a vegan leather strap.

Body: Brazi Bronze

While everyone is going crazy over SPF, I don’t like to block the sun’s rays to nourish my skin. Brazi Bronze Tanning Oil will help get your body dark quickly. If you prefer to use SPF, you can always apply it prior to applying this oil to protect your skin as the brand suggests. Brazi Bronze (by influencer Alana Campos) is an organic, all vegan tanning oil. The ingredients come directly from the Amazon rainforest in Brazil. Rich in beta carotene, antioxidants, and vitamins A and E, it’s extremely nourishing and moisturizing for your skin. One dollar from every bottle sold goes to the rain forest trust that helps save the Amazon, so your Brazi Bronze purchases give back.

Toe: Flip Flops

Your look wouldn’t be complete from head to toe without the proper summer flip flops. No glam girl could be a summer goddess without her bedazzled flip flops. The jeweled shoes form Flipinista are the perfect choice. Whether you are a minimalist or maximalist, you will love the array of the most feminine hand-sewn accessories for your feet.

So, whether or not you are forced to stay indoors this summer, don’t forget to let yourself shine with these head-to-toe summer essentials.



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