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5 Ways to Veganize Your Summer Accessories

In the past, it may have been challenging to get your hands on vegan accessories that were stylish. But this is no longer the case. Just because you follow a plant-based lifestyle, it doesn’t mean you can’t rock some eco-friendly accessories this summer. These days, there are plenty of brands offering vegan products that look and feel great.

Cruelty-free accessories are making an impact and are here to stay. Celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres, Olivia Wilde, and Anne Hathaway have even sported them at glamorous red-carpet events. Whether you’re in the market for budget-friendly or luxury options, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for.

For an item to be vegan, it needs to be completely free of animal-derived products like leather, silk, wool, bone, feathers or fur. The options mentioned below contain none of these products and are completely cruelty-free. Here are five ways to veganize your accessories this summer.

1. Cruelty-Free Sunscreens

Sunology SPF50 Body Sunscreen is a great vegan option that protects your skin and keeps it moisturized. The formula contains essential oils and antioxidants to keep you looking youthful. If you’re on a budget, Alba Botanica is another excellent brand. It is gluten-free, biodegradable, and contains skin-healing aloe vera extracts.

2. Ethical Beach Towels

The beach towels by Pottery Barn come in bright, beautiful colors and are a great addition to your beach bag. They are made from pure cotton and feel super soft. If you’re looking for a more luxurious option, consider the Heavenly Bamboo Towels by Nandina. They are made from a combination of organic cotton and bamboo, giving them a silky, soft feel.

3. Reusable Water Bottles

Earth Lust is a brand that makes beautiful stainless steel water bottles. BPA-free plastic caps keep them spill proof, and they come in an array of designs. If you’d prefer to carry your liquids in a glass bottle, the Love Bottle is a great option. The designs are customizable, and you can choose from a ceramic, silicone, or stainless steel lid.

4. Eco-Friendly Handbags

Say no to leather and do your bit for the environment with Veggani handbags. They are made from organic, environmentally-friendly PU rather than PVC. The brand also works with local artisans to create stylish and functional designs.

5. Healthy Vegan Snacks

Don’t forget to carry some delicious vegan snacks when you’re on the go this summer! Pure Organic Bars are healthy, natural and delicious. They’ve upgraded to a new cleaner formula, containing only organic fruit and vegetable purees or juices. Hail Merry Almond Butter Cups, and Rhythm Superfood Carrot Sticks are other excellent vegan snack options. There contain no preservatives, synthetic colors or artificial flavors.

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Now you’re ready for a cruelty-free day at the beach or even a vacation. With these snacks, accessories, and beauty products, you’ll feel great that your summer products are ethically made and won’t hurt the environment.


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