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The Weird Banana Makeup Trend is Unexpectedly Sexy

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Instagram has grown into a place where weird makeup trends thrive. From the myriad of crazy eyebrow trends to dramatic rainbow makeup looks, this social media platform offers endless inspiration for unconventional glam. The latest unexpected beauty trend we’ve spotted on Instagram – banana makeup. Makeup artists got inspired by the sweet banana, of all things, creating bright yellow looks that are perfect for summer. These banana-inspired makeup looks are usually topped with freckles that imitate this fruit. Interested to find out more about the weirdly attractive banana makeup trend? We’ve collected all the details and inspo below.

banana makeup trend is sexy af
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Photo By @eeerinr/Instagram

We’ve gone bananas for all these fruity-themed makeup looks we spotted under the hashtag #bananamakeup. This humble fruit makes an appearance in almost every photo, giving the viewer a chance to compare the inspiration behind the unusual glam.

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