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The Sexy Rainbow Hair Looks of 2020

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Rainbow hair keeps taking over all types of social media. Many talented hair stylists are showing off their insanely creativity and amazingly innovative styles. The best thing about the rainbow hair is that it is a very versatile hairstyle that offers many variations.

This is not one of those conventional hair coloring techniques such as the ombre and balayage that anyone can pull off. This trend is definitely meant for bold girls that are not afraid of a lot of color. If you decide to get rainbow hair, you can choose between a handful of different ways that it can be done. Also, you can choose from a wide variety of shades.

The latest craze is the shine line technique. Instead of creating an ombre effect with the rainbow colors, hairstylists do horizontal lines with the shades. Usually, the roots and the ends of the hair are dyed in the same color or even the same shade. The shine rainbow line is located in between, and the end result is out of this world.

For all the ladies that don’t prefer vibrant and dynamic colors, the rainbow hair look can be done in soft pastels. The choices are, again, endless, from pink, lilac, baby blue, mint and many other pretty and feminine hues.

Here are some of the most beautiful rainbow hair looks of 2020 that will inspire you to try this huge trend.

Pastel Rainbow

The Sexy Rainbow Hair Looks of 2017 moonstone rainbow
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Photo By: @allydestouttt/Instagram

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