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Top 5 Bougie Date Ideas

When it comes to creating a unique date night, many people are bound by circumstance. Most often, couples must work within a tight budget. On other occasions, they may be strapped for time and energy—especially those pursuing a career in a rigorous field.

But sometimes, the stars align and create an opportunity for a no-holds-bar date night experience. Whether the result of careful planning, patience, or a gift from loved ones, the bucket list for bougie and extravagant dates may not always be out of reach. And when the iron is hot, it’s best to strike.

For couples that can build their very own dream date night, here are five luxurious ideas that will bring even the most unrealistic dreams to life.

The Casino

As the playground of James Bond and a historic location for the world’s rich and famous, the casino is the epitome of class and luxury. Even fashion has closely revolved around the casino, where haute couture looks blend with classic design elements common to casino floors.

Even if you don’t know what a roulette board layout looks like or can’t name another game, a trip to the casino will deliver on thrills and class. And there’s no need to worry—the roulette board only has 36 places and two colors. It’s also a great place to start on the casino floor, as its spinning wheel adds to a palpable feeling of excitement.


Chartering a yacht is a pricey endeavor no matter where you wander. In Miami, a day trip charter costs between $500 to $1,000. That number climbs significantly in Europe’s Mediterranean Sea; the same charter in Croatia costs closer to $5,000.

 But for those liberated from budgetary concerns, opting for a single day or overnight trip is an unforgettable opportunity. Not only do most yachts come with a private chef, but many are also prepared for water-based adventures like snorkeling and even jet-skiing. Just be sure to bring the underwater camera.

The Spa

Similar to the casino, the spa is more readily accessible for many couples looking for a luxury date night. However, given the availability of affordable day spas, it’s important to search for truly extravagant experiences and services. Remember that a luxury spa will engage all the senses, from sound to scent to sight.

In addition to massages and saunas, a truly luxury spa will include cosmetics treatments, sound therapy such as Tibetan bowls, seamless architectural and interior design, therapeutic treatments from around the world, and unique relaxation experiences such as sensory deprivation tanks and tea samplings.

Journey by Helicopter

In recent years, private air travel has become more accessible than ever before. Those who can’t afford to buy and maintain their own private jet can easily rent one or simply charter a single flight. This boost in accessibility also extends to helicopter rides

In major cities like New York, Barcelona, and Mexico City, chartering a private helicopter tour has become more popular. However, for a truly luxury experience, consider when and where you choose your helicopter journey. For those on a truly extravagant journey, remember that some yachts come with helicopter pads—and some companies are happy to offer helicopter charters that take passengers straight onto a yacht.

Backstage Passes

So far, we’ve covered ideas for bougie experiences and destinations. However, some couples might choose to create an unforgettable experience around a VIP ticket. In fact, most of the world’s most popular venues and biggest musical events include tailored VIP and backstage experiences.

Music festivals like Coachella or Glastonbury Music Festival are great ideas for unforgettable and over-the-top dates—especially for couples who dream of meeting their favorite artist or seeing them perform up-close and personal. However, the same is true for non-musical events.

For example, the upcoming FIFA World Cup in Qatar will include a myriad of bougie viewing experiences. In fact, some stadiums even include hotel rooms that overlook the field. Other first-class sports experiences revolve around sports like Formula One and title fights in boxing. Both are known for rolling out the red carpet for VIP attendees.  

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