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6 Tips To Help You Explore Your Sexuality

Sexuality has become a hot topic in recent years, with more and more people exploring their sexual preferences and identity. It is no longer taboo to talk about sex, and more people are comfortable discussing their sexual needs and desires. However, many people remain in the dark regarding their sexuality. They do not know what turns them on or how to bring out their sexual preferences. Whether you’re just beginning to question your sexuality, or you’ve known for a while that you’re attracted to people of the same or opposite sex, it can be tough to figure out how to express your desires.

Here are six tips on how to explore your sexuality:

1. Get Enough Protection

Regardless of your sexual relationship, you should never ignore the need for protection. Many options exist, such as condoms and dental dams for ladies in same-sex relationships. You may also consider bringing a lubricant.

With that being said, one of the most common misconceptions about men in same-sex relationships is that they are inherently dirty or diseased. Although they engage in risky sexual practices, just like everyone else, the risk for infection is significantly higher if they do not use protection. 

Another common misconception is that sex between two women does not carry the risk for transmission of STDs. Although the chances of contracting chlamydia, HIV, and gonorrhea through lesbian sexual interactions are lower, you can still contract infections such as herpes, pubic lice, and HPV.

Regardless of your partner, ensure you take the necessary steps to protect yourself against STDs.

2. Be Honest With Yourself

What do you want to gain from exploring? Do you want some drunken fun with one of your friends, or are you seriously questioning your sexual orientation and want to test your feelings? Do you want a sleepover that results in nothing the next day? Regardless of your motivation, it would be best if you always stayed in control of how you act on your thoughts. Whether you choose to go ahead and explore or not is upon you to decide, and no one has the power to sway your decision. It would help if you remained honest about your intentions before thinking about something else.

3. Use the Internet

One of the best things about the internet is that it has brought anonymity. You can be who you are without the fear of judgment. If you do not dare to come out as a member of LGBTQ openly, you can take to the internet and interact with other people with similar orientations. The ever-growing number of dating sites has even made it easier for people in same-sex relationships to find partners. 

Cam sites are also a great option, especially if you are willing to make some money from a bit of cheekiness on the internet. You can check online for the best cam sites or read reviews to find one that works for you. Using these platforms allows you to explore with an audience and creates an environment where you can be yourself without worrying about other people’s thoughts.

4. Hookup With a Sober Mind

At the beginning of your exploration, you will need some liquid courage to get started. You may find it challenging to experiment with your sexuality, so you may need to get going in a buzzed state if you want to keep going. If you choose to drink to help relax your mental state, you must do it in moderation. Drinking too much will only make you vulnerable to unwanted advances from those around you. 

If you plan on drinking to build up your psych for a hookup with a new partner, you should limit how much you drink and have a trusted person who can watch you and keep you safe. 

Additionally, it is not recommended to use sexual exploration to cope with a bad breakup. Don’t lose yourself in the heat of the moment by hooking up randomly. Ensure that you take enough time to think about your decision and avoid using your emotions as an excuse for your sexual behavior.

5. Express Your Intentions to Your New Partner

Before setting someone up as a same-sex exploration partner, it is best to explain what you are doing and why you are doing it. They should understand the type of connection you share with them and that it only came up due to your exploration needs. Outlining the intentions prevents you from investing too much into the relationship, which can help prevent disappointment and hurt in the future.

It would be best if you also remembered that not everybody is open to such hookups. The person you see as your potential new partner could be thinking of getting into a relationship with somebody else who has already established their identity. If that is the case, you should have no problem with it. Finding the ideal partner may take a while, but it is worth the wait, provided that you meet someone who ticks all the boxes for you.

6. Monitor Yourself and Only Advance When Comfortable

Regardless of your gender and sexuality, consent is mandatory for any sexual relationship. But you enjoy, your partner should consent to what happens all the time. You should share the same enthusiasm about any happenings if you want it to turn into a consensual encounter. While exploring your sexuality, you must remember that you can withdraw your consent at any point without having to explain yourself to your partner. Your partner also has the right to walk out without making any excuses.

Feel free to walk out if you develop this interest or anxiety in the relationship. Just because you share gender or sexual orientation with your new partner does not mean they have the right to dictate what they do with your body. You should never feel embarrassed about working out in a sexual relationship due to anxiety or fear. It would be best if you experimented gradually to maximize your comfort mentally, emotionally, and physically.

In summary, it is normal to question your sexuality at some point. However, you must ensure that you go about it correctly. Always use protection for any sexual interactions and be honest with yourself. You can also use the internet if you need a bit of anonymity and approach all hookups with a sober mind. When you meet someone, make them understand your intentions and monitor yourself. Do not move forward unless you feel comfortable doing so.

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