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The Best Food Combinations to Prevent Illnesses

Thanks to recent studies, it has been possible to determine food combinations that can be used to their maximum potential, taking into account the high nutritional value they contain.

Get to know all about those food combos that will give you the greatest benefit to your general health and contribute to combat various illnesses.

Mix Your Berries

Berries are filled with antioxidants that fight cancer, but if you really want to feel their benefits, try mixing the berries in your bowl. A new research published in the Journal of Nutrition found that eating a variety of berries at the same time can significantly increase their antioxidant property.

So, how about you enjoy some strawberries and a handful of blueberries, for example, or buy some frozen mixed berries and mix them in smoothies. But don’t fall into the temptation; avoid adding yogurt because the proteins present in it can prevent the antioxidants from being processed efficiently.

Raspberries with Beans

It may sound like a strange duo, but eating raspberries with adzuki beans can boost their antioxidant power by 45 percent, according to a recent study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. Prepare a green salad topped with adzuki beans, followed by fresh raspberries for dessert.

Broccoli with Mayonnaise

Broccoli contains a vital anti-cancer compound: sulforaphane. However, it is necessary to eat this vegetable raw or cooked, lightly steamed for only three or four minutes, in order to feel its benefits. If you heat it for more than five minutes or boil it, the enzyme will be destroyed.

To get even more out of its nutritional benefits, dip the broccoli in a vegan Mayonnaise. The myrosinase it contains will help you absorb more sulforaphane, according to researchers.

A Meal with Wine and Tumeric

Enjoy a glass of white or red wine and it will help you absorb healthy omega-3 fats from your proteins. According to researchers, the wine’s polyphenol antioxidants can improve the absorption of omega-3.

Turmeric provides wonderful health benefits, particularly when it comes to keeping your brain healthy and preventing cancer.

Studies found that eating curcumin (the active ingredient in turmeric) and omega-3 can help prevent cancer cells from multiplying and reduce the chances of tumor growth. Several studies have shown that curcumin can be as effective as some anti-inflammatory drugs, but with an extra: no side effects.

Also, eating turmeric with some form of fat can help your body absorb it. For example, fry some vegetables or meat with oil and turmeric.


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