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Are You Too Influenced by Celebrity Culture?

Today, celebrity culture has become a fanatical obsession among many people, particularly the youth. A primary driver behind why we associate with celebrities is that they are reflections of who we want to be. Many of us crave the glitz and glamour that are a part of the fancy lifestyles led by the rich and famous. If can be fun to look forward to seeing what your favorite celebrities are up to, but this can quickly turn into an unhealthy obsession. Here are a few ways to tell if celebrity culture is taking over your life.

It Is Affecting Your Sense of Identity and Mental Health

Continued exposure to celebrity culture can have a negative impact on your sense of identity. The media often project very narrow ideas of how celebrities should behave. If you find yourself imitating the actions of a particular star or trying to dress like them, no matter the cost, it may be time to make some changes.  

You Feel a Loss of Empathy

If you follow celebrities relentlessly, you may experience a complete lack of sadness when bad things happen to them. The alarming rate at which celebrities get divorced or go through personal losses can leave you feeling less than sympathetic. They become nothing more than a source of entertainment to you, and you stop seeing them as people. This callous attitude can make it difficult to sustain your existing relationships.

You Suffer from Body Image Issues

Body image issues haunt many of us, but if you’re obsessed with celebrity culture, you may be taking this to another level. If you’re continually searching for celebrity diets or spending thousands of dollars on the latest star-endorsed exercise program, you may be heading down a dangerous path.

What Can You Do About It?

If you find yourself indulging in any of these behaviors, it’s not too late to start making changes. Remember that you are unique and finding your own style can make you happier than copying others.

Before buying into a new diet or fitness trend, ask yourself if it will suit your body type and lifestyle. Make a conscious decision to stop being influenced by the way celebrities look, what they eat, or how much they weigh.

It can be a lot of fun to experiment with celebrity trends without blindly following them. By doing this, you’ll ultimately find what works for you and develop your own sense of style in the process.


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